Plane crash site


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A little-known plane crash is trending on TikTok after a hiker posted a video of the airplane’s abandoned fuselage on Mount Success in Coos County, New Hampshire. In the viral video, TikTokker @ptmacho16 shows the inside of the plane’s deteriorating metal interior, much of which has rotten away, while also telling viewers about the accident and how to access the plane.

According to the Aviation Safety Network and information from the video, Northeast Airlines Flight 792 crashed while on its way to Berlin, New Hampshire from Boston, Massachusetts in November 1954. When the pilot tried to descend beneath the overcast sky, the DC-3 slammed into the snow-covered mountainside 100 feet below the summit. Of the seven people on board — three passengers and a crew of four — two crew members died ofinjuries hours after the crash. Severe weather delayed rescue efforts, leaving the survivors to endure the cold, snow, and hunger.

Since @ptmacho16 uploaded the video on Aug. 11, the video has surpassed 29,000 views, resonating with the TikTok community in part because the abandoned plane is relatively unknown — even to some New Hampshire locals.

One of the video’s top comments is from a local who says they’ve never heard of the abandoned plane before. Others said that they planned to hike to the site via the Appalachian Trail after watching the video.

Not everyone was enthusiastic about the publicity, however.

“Man, it would be so much nicer if only those of us that live here knew about this,” one viewer commented. Another TikTokker echoed that sentiment, commenting that the popular video would mean that the plane would “be covered in graffiti by next month.”

Similar videos, like this video of an abandoned asylum in Scotland, have also gone viral on TikTok with hundreds of thousands of views.

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