I Tried 6 Tic Tac Flavors, and Only 2 of Them Will Freshen Your Breath

tic tac flavors

Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

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tic tac flavors
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Tic, Tac, Tasted

Since Tic Tac first dropped in 1969, it’s been a struggle for other mints to keep up with just how ubiquitous the company has become. The low-calorie mint that lines the checkout aisles of grocery stores and pharmacies has released a wide variety throughout its time, ranging from Sprite to cinnamon. Though many are limited-edition flavors, you can usually find a roster of staples.


But what are the best Tic Tac flavors, you ask? I tried six of the most popular flavors and ranked them both on taste and just how much they freshen your breath.

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wintergreen tic tacs
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Best: Wintergreen

$4.39 for a four-pack from Target

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Tic Tacs are one of the first things that come to mind for me when I write the word "wintergreen," and that's lucky for them, because I love this flavor. That spearmint-adjacent vibe does me right every time. Our favorite mint company seems to have the original blueprint for how this flavor is supposed to be. I love it so very much.

Just how much do I love wintergreen stuff? I even buy bags of Life Savers Wint-o-Green mints and keep them in my car because it makes my car smell great. For some reason, people keep asking me if I’m an Uber driver. Can’t imagine why.

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freshmint tic tacs
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

2. Freshmint

$1.46 for a single pack from Walmart

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This is Tic Tac’s “Freebird.” That fresh mint flavor is just so reliable. If you’re grabbing some mints for a quick breath refresher, there's no chance you'll go wrong with these. It's a classic breath mint flavor, through and through.

As a bonus? There’s something beautifully primal and satisfying about tossing a bunch of Tic Tacs back into your mouth. Even with that definitely-not-clean container lid. 

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fruit adventure tic tacs
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

3. Fruit Adventure

$1.89 for a single pack from Target

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Nobody will want to smell your breath after you plow through a bunch of fruity pellets, but that's not really your problem. You don’t have any problems right now, because Fruit Adventure is a delightful Tic Tac flavor.

Orange is included here, which is great, and the red and green flavors are bright and tropical. Yellow is weird as hell individually, but slips into the background a little more when you taste them all together. 

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orange tic tacs
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

4. Orange

$1.89 for a single pack from Target

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As a kid, orange Tic Tacs were some of my all-time favorite treats. Children don’t normally find themselves that obsessed with mints, but there’s a reason for this: Orange Tic Tacs are candy, not mints. These little pellets are sweet and fruity and definitely make your breath worse. I don’t care how many times it says the word “mint” on the package.

I still love this flavor a lot, and since a box of Tic Tacs has “a trivial amount of sugar” (their words), it’s a better choice than other candy. So much better, in fact, that it helped Fruit Adventure take third place by just being included.

tropical adventure tic tacs
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

5. Tropical Adventure

$4.39 for a bottle pack from Target

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Three out of four flavors in this box are very tasty. Mango, passion fruit, and pineapple are quite welcome here.

There's a fourth flavor that's far more malignant: It's banana. Do you remember the banana-flavored Runts? Did you like those? Because I hated those so, so much. And the banana Tic Tacs in this box are absolutely identical.

It's a damn Trojan horse.

big berry adventure tic tacs
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

6. Big Berry Adventure

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Let’s relax with all the adventures. Fruit Adventure, Berry Adventure, Tropical Adventure; enough is enough. Nothing about this is an adventure. 

The purple one is way too sweet and has a minty finish which is simply too weird for me. The mauve (I Googled that color specifically for this sentence) Tic Tac is a little bit better than the purple, because it’s not as minty. This is all over the map flavor-wise, and just not for me.

sprite tic tac

More Tic Tac Flavors

The six flavors I tried are pretty commonplace and should be available at most grocery and convenience stores, but there's a big world out there. Tic Tac is all over the map with its flavors. Many are available in bulk on Amazon

Here are some more Tic Tac flavors I'm dying to try.

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  • Strawberry and Cream Tic Tacs
  • Apple Treat Tic Tacs
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