7 Things You Should Never Buy Used, According to Redditors

Woman shopping in London second hand marketplace


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Woman shopping in London second hand marketplace
Hard hat helmet used in karting field
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Given that a helmet might be the only thing separating your skull from a hard chunk of asphalt, it’s worth investing in one and buying new. The problem with a used helmet, experts say, is that you won’t know if it’s been in a crash. That said, a used noggin protector is better than nothing.

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Mother fastening seat belt for her baby on car safety seat
Comparing tire wear


You shouldn’t cheap out on anything that comes between you and the ground, as the saying goes. And that includes tires. Not only will new tires last far longer, but they’re also much safer. “Tires are what keep a car connected to the road,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of Automotive Engineering. “Even the most advanced safety systems rely on a tire’s basic ability to maintain traction, and AAA’s testing shows that wear has a significant impact on how quickly a vehicle can come to a stop in wet conditions to avoid a crash.”

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Background of damaged mobile phones. A bunch of broken smartphones. Used phones stacked on top of each other. Repair services and maintenance of equipment.
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Although Redditors are split on this one, some commenters say that they steer clear of all used tech. "I just don't trust that the first owner cared for the gadget," one comment reads. On the flip side, users say that buying pre-owned electronics can save you money, provided you take precautions.  

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Orthopedic memory foam mattress with soft topper


Ask anyone who’s ever dealt with bed bugs about their experience, and you’ll never buy a used mattress again. The unrelenting, pesky blood-sucking creatures are so dreadful, so hard to get rid of, that you’ll want to burn your apartment down. Skip that chapter in your life and buy a fresh, new mattress straight from the store.

Pyramid of shoes
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Multiple Redditors say that buying used shoes is a bad idea, partly because the “wear patterns can jack your back.” But not everyone is against secondhand kicks, with one commenter saying that he’s saved hundreds of dollars on premium running shoes that have only been worn a few times.

Unrecognizable Woman Shopping Panties in Department Store


We think this goes without saying … but it’s probably worth buying new underwear. If you must buy used underwear, be sure to wash it in hot soap and water, which should eliminate any health risks.