9 Things You Should Never Do on Valentine's Day

Woman getting proposed to on Valentine's Day

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Woman getting proposed to on Valentine's Day
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Don't Let V-Day Become D-Day

Whether you're someone who goes all out for Valentine's Day — basking in boxes of chocolates and stuffed teddy bears — or you're someone who swears the day off as a stupid Hallmark holiday, February 14 is still impending. And no matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, you might find yourself celebrating the day with a special someone. 

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways to screw the day up. Watch out for these common mishaps to make sure your day of love goes smoothly.

Man putting engagement ring on girlfriends finger.

1. Ask Your Significant Other To Marry You

We're not telling you to swear off marriage. And hey, if your significant other is into all things cliché, go right ahead and pop the question on the most obvious holiday of all. But if the element of surprise is something you're after for your proposal, you might want to steer clear of getting down on one knee on February 14.

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2. Break Up With Your Significant Other

You're gonna want to find a happy medium on Valentine's Day, guys. You probably shouldn't propose, but you also shouldn't go to the polar opposite end of the spectrum and dump your sweetie on the day of love. It's tacky, and you'll be branded a butthead until the end of time. 

Don't do it the day before, either. Your best bet is to muddle through your misery for a couple days beyond the 14th. Of course, if the situation is extreme and calls for a grandiose or immediate break-up, go forth and break hearts.

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3. Go on a First Date

Valentine's Day is outlined by romance and love with a capital "L." It's not the kind of holiday you want to use as an opportunity to go on a first date with someone you barely know. You might wind up with an awkward, sweat-stains-on-your-shirt kind of evening. No one wants that.

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Couple enjoying red wine on Valentine's Day

4. Spend Too Much Money on Your Date

It's the thought that counts. We repeat: It's the thought that counts. If you have to financially fret over elaborate Valentine's Day plans just to impress the one you're with, you are going about the day all wrong. Just find a thoughtful gift that doesn't cost more than what you can afford, and plan a date night that shows you care. Love is all you need. Ask The Beatles if you don't believe us. 

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5. Go on a Dinner Date

Put your pitchforks away before you call this advice blasphemy. Obviously, plenty of people will go on a nice dinner date to celebrate Valentine's Day with their significant other. But the vast majority of those people are going to be met with long wait times (reservations help!) and wall-to-wall people at their dining establishment of choice. Don't sleep on at-home date nights or more creative dates outside of the home, like going for a stroll and grabbing some street food along the way.

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Boyfriend giving to girlfriend corgi dog as present.
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6. Get a Puppy as a Gift

If you and your honey have been having the puppy talk for quite some time and are on the same page about the massive responsibility, then it's probably safe to slap a bow on a slobbery little pup's head and gift it to your beloved. If said talk has not happened, please, for the love of all the cute and fluffy puppies in the world, do not carelessly gift these living creatures.

Couple Stuck Into Phones, Ignoring Each Other On Date In Restaurant

7. Stare Into the Black Hole of Your Phone

There is nothing more off-putting than sitting at a table across from someone you love, staring into their eyes, which are staring at the screen of their phone. Instant ick. Be present. 

Hand holding a bunch of roses that are dying and wilted

8. Wait Until the Last Minute To Get a Gift

Last-minute gifts are not entirely unattainable, but you're really playing a game of Russian roulette if you forget to secure the bag before V-Day. You never know when you're going to walk into the store and be met with the reject boxes of chocolate and wilted flowers. 

Unhappy couple ate too much pizza

9. Overindulge

Think of this in terms of both alcohol and food. If you drink too much on Valentine's Day, you're setting the tone for the rest of the evening — and it's more than likely not a tone of romance. And if you eat too much, you might find yourself in a similar situation with added gas and bloating involved. Yikes.