7 Things You Should Never Do on Christmas

Things You Should Never Do on Christmas

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Things You Should Never Do on Christmas
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Be Good for Goodness' Sake

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It says so in the song. The holiday season has a luster and allure about it that is truly something special. 

Bottom line? Don't ruin the vibe. From complaining about presents to having one too many glasses of eggnog, here are seven things you should refrain from doing on December 25.

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1. Don't Dress Too Fancy

If you're at your own home for the holidays and your pajama drawer isn't too far away, knock yourself out and put on your Sunday best. You can always slide your heels off in exchange for a pair of slippers if you're at home. However, if you're heading to Aunt Gertrude's for Christmas and you want to dress to the nines for dinner, be sure to bring along a more comfortable outfit to throw on after the festivities die down. If nothing else, you might appreciate a pair of sweats for the car ride home.

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2. Don't Drink Too Much

There's a time and place for everything, right? Saint Nick and St. Patrick's Day do not go hand-in-hand. One holiday celebrates drinking as much green beer as you can slug down, and the other is better suited to making wholesome memories with your family. 

By all means, make yourself a pomegranate martini with dinner or slip a little Bailey's into your morning hot chocolate, but don't get so sloshed you black out and only have visions of sugarplums in your head to carry with you into the next day.

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3. Don't Ask How Much Something Costs

Even if you think you're coming from a good place, don't do this. Maybe you're feeling guilty because you think you've just opened an expensive gift so you let a, "Oh my goodness, you didn't have to do this! What did you spend on this?" slip out. Just don't ask. If they wanted you to know, they would either tell you or leave the price tag on. Say "thank you" and carry on. 

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4. Don't Be On Your Phone All Day ... Or Much at All

With the exception of taking pictures or calling your loved ones to wish them a happy holiday, there aren't many reasons to be on your phone on Christmas Day. Put your devices down and enjoy the day with your loved ones. 

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6. Don't Complain About a Gift

Any gift you receive on Christmas says this: Someone thought about you. Someone cared enough to get you a gift, even if it was a truly terrible item. Appreciate the thought. It's what counts. 

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7. Don't Forget To Say "Thank You"

Just as you should never complain about a gift, you should always say "thank you." Gratitude extends beyond gifts on Christmas, too. Thank the person who hosted Christmas breakfast, brunch, and/or dinner. Thank those you love for spending the day with you. "Thank you" is a phrase you can't say too much.