7 Things You Should Never Do on New Year's Eve

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new years eve celebration collage
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New Year's No-No's

Who wants to start the new year off right? Show of hands! Everyone, right? Heading into 2024, there are some simple ways to make sure your 2024 sails smoothly right from the start by steering clear of some mistakes on the last night of 2023. From off-limits kissing partners to drinking etiquette, here are seven things you should never do on New Year's Eve.

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1. Drink and Drive

Yeah, we know you know. We know this reminder is on billboards, commercials, and beyond. But we'd be remiss not to remind the public that there is never a situation in which you should drink and drive. New Year's Eve often means a party for many people, often entwined with plenty of spirits. 

If you do go out to celebrate the new year and you end up drinking alcohol, be sure to secure a designated driver or book a rideshare service or taxi to get you home safely. 

And if you're hosting a New Year's party at your house where alcohol will be available to your guests, encourage them to use a rideshare service or consider collecting their keys as they come in the door to keep them from getting behind the wheel when they shouldn't. 

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2. Drink Too Much

New Year's Eve celebrations and drinking go hand-in-hand. Enjoy yourself and indulge in a few drinks, just keep your limit in mind because drinking too much could lead to a laundry list of "that wasn't worth it" lamentations. 

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3. Kiss a Stranger ...

COVID aside, kissing a stranger is risky business. As the countdown begins and the ball is about to drop in Times Square, you might feel yourself pulled toward the good-looking stranger who is down for a smooch next to you. Trust us: you're better off sticking to a set of lips you're familiar with.

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4. ... Or an Ex

We know we encouraged familiarity as a prerequisite for that celebratory smooch, but that doesn't mean you should choose New Year's Eve (or any other holiday for that matter) to hook up with your ex. For the love of 2024, leave Pandora's Box closed.

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5. Leave the Party Without Telling Someone

If you're ready to pack it up and leave the libations, make sure you tell someone you're heading out. That way when Amy is looking for Debbie in a panic, assuming the worst happened to her, Stacy can let her know that Debbie called an Uber and made her way back home safely. 

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6. Forego Dinner Reservations

Do not be the person who leaves things to chance when hitting up that hot restaurant everyone loves on New Year's Eve. Call ahead. Make a reservation. You will need one. We promise.

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7. Overspend

Whether you're buying an outfit you'll only wear once or going all out on your celebration, reaching far past your budget's comfortable end, spending too much money on the last night of the year is a surefire way to start 2024 irritated and broke. 

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