7 Things You Should Never Let Your Dog Do in Public

Bad dog habits

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You Let the Dogs Out

No matter how you feel about dogs, they're everywhere. If you're out in public, it probably won't be long until you cross paths with these four-legged pets. 

Most of us love dogs, but even so, there's a whole lot we don't want to deal with. Dog owners, listen up: Here are seven things you should never let your dog do in public.

Playful happy smiling pet dog running in the grass

1. Walk Off-Leash

I’m sure your dog is very well-behaved, blah blah blah. What about cars? What about other dogs? What about animals beyond dogs? I live in an apartment complex where bears roam around the property, and I still see people walking their dogs off-leash. For the safety of every character involved in this story, please, keep your dog on a leash.

Attentive Dog On Picnic Table

2. Stand/Walk on Tables

It’s shocking how often people let their dogs walk on surfaces that we use for eating and drinking. I don’t understand how this needs to be said, but please, keep your dog's nasty feet on the ground. Your dog can handle it.

Playful dog jumping around a person. Fisheye lens
Playful dog jumping around a person. Fisheye lens by Ivan Radic (CC BY)

3. Jump on People

Yes, some people like it, it's true. And your dog could just be incredibly friendly. Still, you might end up freaking somebody out if they're afraid of dogs, so just keep a tighter grip on your leash if your dog is prone to jumping.

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dog digging a hole
dog digging a hole by Joegoauk Goa (CC BY-SA)

4. Dig Holes

One time I was at a very beautiful brewery on a farm overlooking a gorgeous meadow. There was a delicious food truck. Live music. A wonderful day.

Except the dog right next to me, unsupervised, was digging a gigantic hole in the ground of this very beautiful farm. A nightmare for all.

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dog begging for food
dog begging for food by Hermann Luyken (CC BY-SA)

5. Beg

Being made to feel guilty while you're just trying to eat a croissant at a cafe is really a soul-killer. Please stop your adorable little pup from giving me its adorable little stare when I'm unable to share my food. Like, seriously dude, this has peanut butter. You don't want it.

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Dog lying on the bed and barking

6. Bark Nonstop

Dogs bark, fair enough. But while occasional barking is understandable, nobody wants to hear your dog barking for hours and hours on end. It’s probably trying to tell you something. Maybe you should listen?

woman hugging a dog
woman hugging a dog by Samson Katt (None)

7. Unnecessarily Wear an Emotional Support Vest

The amount of times somebody has confessed to me that they only got their dog registered as a support dog so they could bring them into restaurants or airports amazes me. There’s no reason your dog has earned special treatment, but most importantly, it minimizes those who actually need support animals.

As for the support peacocks? I guess their time is over.