10 Things To Never Bring On A Cruise



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Cruise Dos and Don'ts

The last thing that you want to deal with while boarding a cruise ship is to suddenly not be able to enjoy your hard-earned getaway because you failed to find out what's prohibited onboard. Thankfully, we’ve put together a quick and helpful list of the things that you should never bring on a cruise, which includes items that are often prohibited as well as those that are just going to be a waste of space when you pack. You wouldn’t assume that something like a surfboard could bar your entrance from your next cruise, but here we are. 

Note: As rules and regulations vary for different cruise lines, be sure to check in advance before booking or boarding. 

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Household Appliances

As hard as it might be to leave it at home, you cannot bring your clothes iron with you on your next cruise vacation. We completely sympathize with the desire to enjoy your vacation time in clothing that’s not wrinkled to a state of utter disrepair, but a clothes iron can end up posing quite the safety risk when out at sea. Thankfully though, many cruise ships have onsite self-service launderettes that come equipped with their own ironing boards. Outside of clothing irons, you also can’t bring your coffeemaker or heat-producing electric kettle. 

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You’ll have to leave the pleasantly aromatic candles at home before heading out for your next cruise vacation. Candles are 100% hazardous when it comes to posing a very heightened fire risk. Imagine if you were to bring a candle and forget about putting it out before you left your room.

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You’re only human. You might have fantasized about finally getting that perfect aerial shot that could be just the clout-generating shot that you need to launch your successful Instagram account. However, you’ve got to make sure that your specific cruise line has approved drones before you bring yours with you. Certain cruise lines prohibit drones, and you don’t want to leave any room for the possibility of you having your drone tossed by a very perturbed cruise line employee.

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Kayaks And Surfboards

Kayaks and surfboards are outright not allowed on most cruise ships. Cruise line policies across the board are set up such that anything at all that you can launch off a cruise ship is prohibited. However, there are certain cases where you’re able to bring certain items with you that you might be able to use in an actual cruise port. In that case, however, you’ll just have to make sure that you leave your items in your cabin.

Keep in mind that many cruises offer water activities like kayaking as optional excursions, but in those cases, they'll provide the equipment for you.

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Expensive Jewelry

Naturally, you want to bring the very best of your formal outfits for when you get fully dressed up before your fancy cruise dinners. However, resist the urge to bring your prized and pricey jewelry with you. It's unfortunate but unavoidable that many cruise ships will have people that are in attendance strictly to try to score big by ransacking the stocked rooms of guests that fail to properly hide their valuables. 

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Any book lover out there understands the first thing about how hard it can be to hit the road without bringing at the very least, one book with you. However, those books can end up taking up precious space when you’re traveling, and the good news is that many cruise ships have their own libraries. Or, you can just invest in a Kindle that’ll allow you to take a library’s worth of books with you without any actual hassle.

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Beach Towels

Plenty of cruise ships have their own impressive pools (both indoor and outdoor) for you and other vacationers to get the most enjoyment out of your time at sea. Regardless of if you’re swimming or just want to have a consistent supply of towels for when after you’ve showered cruise ships are ready to provide you all the towels you could possibly need.

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Perhaps ranked above everything else when it comes to what cruise ships have the most of, it’s snacks. Literally, just about whatever you can think of, a cruise ship will be ready to cater to you. Buffets are common, and you’ll have to sustain admirable levels of willpower to not revisit the buffet numerous times after you’ve already had your initial meal.

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Exercise Equipment

You don’t have to bother with bringing your favorite yoga mat or go-to pair of resistance bands. Cruise ships are fully outfitted with gyms that have everything from free weights to Bosu balls, and treadmills. Plus, some cruises even have personal trainers on their staff, that can provide you with professionally supervised sessions.