This Generation Isn't Totally Doomed: 7 Things Gen Z Is Actually Getting Right


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Gen Z Isn't Totally Doomed.

We're no strangers to coming across the seemingly countless number of threads and articles that exist out across the vast expanse of the internet that are specifically geared toward bashing various facets of what Gen Z is supposedly doing wrong. Yes, it seems to be a generation that gets a particularly harsh rap. 

However, there are plenty of redeeming qualities present within Gen Z, and these folks from Reddit did a great job at pointing some of those out. Maybe you'll agree, maybe you'll disagree. They're at least cause for some discussion. 


A Higher Cost Of Living Demands A Better Pay.

Life ain't near as cheap as it used to be. Such is the reality. Grocery store outings have become their own kind of cerebrally challenging obstacle courses that demand clearheaded strategy in the face of steadily mounting price points for near any product that you can think of. 

So, naturally, folks are going to be more keen on taking a new job that pays them what they're worth


Boundaries Are Crucial.

It can take a whole lot of conscious effort and reconditioning for certain folks to gain the necessary amount of comfortability to impose life-altering boundaries on things like the work/life balance. Once you do though, you'll never look back. 


This Echoes A Bit Of What Was Said In The Previous Slide.

Life is far, far too short to put up with toxic nonsense from anyone. 


Inclusivity Is Where It's At.

Isolation can literally drain your vital energy and just leave you feeling emotionally vacant. So when you have the chances to extend the olive branch toward someone in your life that seems a bit removed from social circles, you might be very surprised to know how much that means to them. 


Experiences Are Priceless In Their Own Right.

This is definitely becoming more and more true. Especially with inflation making the pricing of various materialistic possessions downright unreasonable. 

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Stoicism Does Seem To Be On The Rise.

While there are some ridiculous and cringeworthy elements that still exist in gym culture, there is also a whole lot of good that can come from embracing a routine rooted in taking care of the body and the mind.