Things the Boomer Generation Just Does Better


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Giuseppe Lombardo/iStock

Well Done, Boomer!

Baby Boomers often get a bad rap for well ... ruining the world for future generations. But hey, let’s give credit where it’s due. While they might be blamed for a lot, they also nail a few things better than anyone else.

Here are nine things Boomers just do better. 

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1. Cursive Writing

Sure, they might send unhinged all-caps texts, but Boomers reign supreme when it comes to beautiful handwriting. Raised in an era where penmanship was a big deal, they mastered the art of crafting neat, legible script. Given that everything is digital and on-screen nowadays, it's a miracle younger generations still know how to write. 

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2. Balancing a Checkbook

Before the age of banking apps and digital transactions, Boomers mastered the skill of balancing a checkbook. 

They can manually track every penny, making sure their finances are in order without relying on technology. This old-school method might seem tedious, but it fosters a deep understanding of money management. 

Plus, it’s a great way to catch mistakes that automated systems might miss. 

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Boomers talking
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3. Face-to-Face Communication

In a world dominated by screens, Boomers excel at good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations. They can read body language, maintain eye contact, and engage in meaningful dialogues without the need to check their phones every two minutes.

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4. Driving Stick Shift

Many younger drivers find driving a manual transmission daunting—especially since stick shifts are rare these days. Boomers, however, learned to drive on stick shifts, mastering the clutch and gearstick from day one. For them, driving a manual was a rite of passage.

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5. DIY Skills

Boomers are the original DIY masters. Need a shelf put up? They’ve got it. Leaky faucet? Fixed in no time. They didn’t grow up with YouTube tutorials at their fingertips — they learned by doing, often through trial and error. Their garages are filled with tools and gadgets for every possible repair scenario. They are certainly smug about this fact, but again, they are Boomers.

Listening to music
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6. Listening to Full Albums

Boomers actually listened to entire albums. Yep, the whole thing. Granted, we know this because they won’t shut up about it, but we must give them this one because it’s impressive.

Back then, they had to haul themselves to a record store to buy music. No Spotify to spoon-feed them playlists. They sat down, put the needle on the vinyl, and let it play through.

Reading Maps
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7. Reading Maps

Boomers can navigate without relying on GPS. They grew up using paper maps and can find their way with just a compass and a good sense of direction. Whether it's a road trip or a hike in the wilderness, they’ve got the skills to get from point A to point B the old-school way. 

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8. Polite Phone Etiquette

In a world of text messages and social media, Boomers actually know how to talk on the phone without sounding like cavemen. They answer with a proper greeting, use polite language, and know when to hang up without making it awkward.

Sure, they had no choice back then — no texting to hide behind.

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9. Dressing for the Occasion

Boomers know how to dress up because they learned from the best: the Greatest Generation. Their parents dressed like every day was a special occasion.

Boomers picked up this skill. They actually respect dress codes and don’t just throw on a shirt and pants.