These States Have The Most Overweight Pets

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Plump Pups

During the holiday season, many of us are guilty of overindulging in our favorite foods and special snacks. And for pets, it's not much different — whether they're getting table scraps or extra treats, it turns out our pups have been packing on the pounds, too. recently released the results of a survey to discover what states have the fattest fidos. They surveyed over 2,430 pet owners across 42 U.S. states about the weights of their dogs, and compared that number to the weight recommended by the American Kennel Club for each breed. Here are the 10 states determined to have the heftiest dogs. And remember — taking a walk is good for both pet and owner. 

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#10: Tennessee

Average amount overweight: 13.33 lbs.

This state rounds out the top 10. Whether it's all the southern cooking or too hot to walk days, canines here aren't as overweight as some states' dogs, but still on the hefty side.

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#9: Nebraska

Average amount overweight: 13.73 lbs.

Those snowy winters must be a recipe for sitting home because the dogs in this state need to lose a few. The state came in fourth place for most overweight male dogs, as well.

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#8: New York

Average amount overweight: 14.03 lbs.

Despite all the ample chances for walking, whether upstate in nature or living the city life, many of the pups in this state are overweight. New York is also number 4 for most overweight female dogs, who are on average 17.59 lbs. overweight.

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#7: New Hampshire

Average amount overweight: 14.23 lbs.

New Hampshire also came in sixth place for having the most overweight female dogs. Perhaps it's the cold winters?

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#6: Connecticut

Average amount overweight: 15.54 lbs.

Despite plenty of scenic fall days Connecticut also came in second place for having the most overweight female dogs. The pups are on average 19.13 lbs. overweight.

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#5: West Virginia

Average amount overweight: 15.66 lbs.

West Virginia came in 5th place for most overweight dogs in the nation, but the state came in #1 for the most female dogs that were overweight. On average, female dogs are 21.40 pounds overweight in this state.

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#4: Georgia

Average amount overweight: 16.18 lbs.

This state also came in second place for having the largest number of overweight male pups, but didn't even make the top ten for hefty female dogs. The ladies there must get their walks in.

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#3: Wisconsin

Average amount overweight: 16.38 lbs.

Looks like too much kibble for the boys. The survey also found that Wisconsin leads as the state with the most overweight male pets, with dogs coming in at 20.67 pounds overweight.

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#2: Virginia

Average amount overweight: 16.67 lbs.

This state ranked in the top 10 for being home to both the heaviest male and the heaviest female dogs in the country.

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#1: Pennsylvania

Average amount overweight: 18.25 lbs.

Pennsylvania is known as "the Snack Food Capital of the World" — perhaps this has rubbed off on the state's resident canines?  Dogs in this state weighed 54 percent over the national average.

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State with the Least Overweight Dogs: Idaho

Average amount overweight: 6.90 lbs.

Pups that live in this state are 42% under the national average for weight. Perhaps all the vast open space leaves more opportunity for dogs to run free.

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Most Overweight Dog Breeds

According to the pet parents surveyed, these breeds were the most likely to be overweight. They're generally all small-sized breeds, which possibly makes it easier for the pounds to pile on. The worst offender is the Chihuahua, who should be about 6 lbs. according to the AKC, but was reported to be on average 13.4 lbs. Here are some other portly pups:

  • Pomeranian
  • Maltese
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pug
  • Bulldog