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Ask any fine arts major if their degree helped them land a solid, well-paying job, and you might get an earful about how some college majors are worth more than others. While there's a case to be made that attending college has more purpose than future earnings (cultural knowledge and keg parties, anyone?), knowing a well-paying job is likely waiting for you at the end of four years is a motivator for many. But not all degrees are equal, as this ZipRecruiter survey makes clear. Here are the 10 majors that grads (and their parents) say you might want to avoid.

Journalism is the most-regretted major by a depressing margin, with 87% of graduates wishing they had gone in a different direction. I hear your pain, recent graduates. 

Following in the path of poor choices are sociology (72%), liberal arts and general studies (72%), communications (64%), education (61%), marketing management and research (60%), medical/clinical assisting (58%), political science and government (56%), biology (52%), and English language and literature (52%). 

If this isn't enough to inspire a new interest, the study also reported the most regret-free majors. The top two are computer and information sciences (72%) and criminology (72%). Rounding out the top five are engineering (71%), nursing (69%), and health (67%). Keep these in mind when the prospect of student loans loom, kids.

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