Tesla charging at Tesla Supercharger Station at the Brea Mall


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EV owners rejoice, especially if you didn't buy a Tesla. Soon(ish), the carmaker plans to open some of its fast chargers to all electric vehicles regardless of make as part of a broader effort by the Biden administration to encourage more drivers to switch to EVs.

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Tesla superchargers can make a big difference, especially during road trips or long distances between chargers. The company operates more than half of the fast chargers in the U.S.

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Before you get too excited, take note: The 7,500 chargers Telsa plans to open to everyone won't be available until the end of 2024. Of those open to all users, only 3,500 are fast chargers capable of recharging a car's battery in about a half-hour to an hour. The rest are slower chargers at hotels, restaurants, and other destinations that EV owners can already use with an adapter. 

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