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Think the rich have gotten too much of a break when it comes to taxes? You aren't alone by a long shot. According to Pew Research Center, more than half of Americans think corporations and wealthy individuals need to pay up. 

@blairimani Billionaires should pay more taxes. And don’t worry, they can afford it. Retail workers and teachers pay more of their income in taxes than billionaires and that has to change. Happy #TaxDay, Americans! #SmarterInSeconds ♬ original sound - Blair Imani

In a survey of 5,079 U.S. adults conducted from March 27 to April 2, 2023, six-in-10 adults grumbled that some corporations don’t pay their fair share (61%) — and that it bothered them a lot — while 60% felt the same about wealthy people. And this discontent isn't new; these percentages are essentially unchanged since 2021. 

Additionally, 53% were very displeased with the complexity of the tax system (same), and far fewer (38%) were very unhappy with the amount they paid in taxes. Only 13% were upset with the feeling that some poor people did not pay their share in taxes (36% did not care at all). 

Of course, when it came to breaking down the number of people who felt their tax burden was unfair by income, upper-income (62%) and middle-income (60%) Americans were more likely than those with lower incomes (47%) to feel they pay too much in taxes. 

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But there is a magic income number where there is some agreement as to who should be paying more in taxes: households raking in more than $400,000 a year. Upper-income (56%), middle-income (63%) and lower-income (61%) Americans surveyed said tax rates should be raised on this group. 

As far as businesses, a majority of those surveyed (65%) think tax rates on large businesses and corporations should be raised a lot (39%) or a little (26%). Only about two-in-10 (19%) say large businesses’ tax rates should be kept about the same, while 14% say their taxes should be lowered. 

The long and short of it? Those running for public office can't go too wrong with a platform that targets the wealthy and big business at tax time. 

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