A Target store in Houston, Texas, USA on March 13, 2022.


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If you shop at Target because you like that it's not as big as Walmart and is easier to navigate, Target's newly announced store changes might be not-so-welcome news to your ears. But if you're a Target superfan who could spend hours perusing the aisles filling your bright red cart with all sorts of stuff you don't need, you'll be happy to hear that the retail giant is planning larger stores.

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Target's new store design is about 150,000 square feet — or roughly the size of three football fields, making them about 20,000 square feet larger than Target's standard stores, according to a news release. Though the Minneapolis-based retailer plans to continue to open stores of all sizes, it says its focus for the next few years will be on building larger ones. Regardless of size, its new stores will feature a more open layout, Target said.

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Building larger stores is a shift in direction for Target, which in recent years focused on opening smaller outlets in urban areas in a bid to reach younger shoppers. But the coronavirus pandemic with its restrictions changed the way many consumers shop, forcing them to rely on having goods delivered or readied for pickup. It's perhaps with that in mind that Target's larger stores will also feature more backroom space for fulfilling digital orders.

“With our reimagined store design and larger store footprint that better supports our same-day services, we can give guests more of what they love while incorporating features that build on our commitment to sustainability, community, and helping all families discover the joy of everyday life," Chief Operating Officer John Mulligan said in the release.

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