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There are a lot of hot takes when it comes to parenting, but as painful purchases go, parents everywhere are likely to agree that car seats deliver one of the biggest blows to their wallets. 

The going rate for an infant car seat lingers around $200 — and it will only last until the baby reaches a certain weight. Upgrading to a bigger seat can cost another $200, then the child reaches the weight limit again (and again), and the cycle continues. 

Thankfully, one retailer has a more affordable solution. Target's car seat trade-in event — happening through April 29 — accepts used car seats and gives 20% off a new car seat, stroller, or another eligible item in return.

@hip2save Attention parents! 👶🚗 Target's popular Car Seat Trade-In Event is back! :tada: Trade in your old car seat and get a 20% off coupon towards a new one (or select baby gear). 💸 Plus, help keep our planet green by recycling your old car seat. Valid April 16th-April 29th! #targetdeals #targetcarseattradein #savingmoney #bargainshopper #carseathack #couponcommunity #hip2save ♬ original sound - Hip2Save

Part of the reason car seat purchases are so daunting and expensive is due to those pesky expiration dates — most car seats can only be used for around six years before they need to be retired. Target's trade-in event accepts expired and damaged car seats as part of the program, so you can stretch your money a little further. 

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If you want to participate in the event, here's how it works:

  • Head to your local Target and drop your old car seat off in the designated trade-in box.
  • Open the Target app and scan the code shown on the box.
  • Find the offer in the Baby category of your app.
  • Save the offer by clicking the +, then place a new order online or scan the barcode at the cash register.

An added bonus: The retailer uses recycled materials from old car seats to create new products like pallets, plastic buckets, and construction materials, so you can support sustainability and your bank account.

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