Food Avenue Express


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Calling all 90s fans: A Target cafe is making the rounds on Reddit for its distinctly retro vibes, complete with neon signage and unmistakable 90s tiling. 

In August, Reddit user u/galaxy-m81 posted a photo of Food Avenue Express, a Target cafe suspended in time. The Saved by the Bell-like decor includes neon squiggles, hard plastic seating, and kitschy renderings of the cafe’s menu items: popcorn, hot dogs, and pretzels. The post has since garnered more than 61,000 upvotes and 1,600 comments, many of which revealed a sense of nostalgia for the dated cafe.

“Can’t beat perfection,” one user wrote, while another declared, “It's beautiful! Never change it.” 

Others shared memories of their own experiences at Food Avenue Express, noting that they would make Target runs for the popcorn and soda, and lamented that many of the cafes at their local Target have since turned into Starbucks branches. 

“I used to install the neon for Target, including these cafes, in Southern California,” wrote one user with a firsthand account. “With all the designs and signs, a typical store had nearly a mile of neon tubing. Thanks for sharing. Definitely brought back some (mildly painful) memories.”

The original poster noted that this particular cafe is located in Mississippi, though at least one older Reddit post confirms that there are more out there. And Target isn’t the only one hanging on to its retro cafes.

Pizza Hut still runs its Pizza Hut Classic locations, sit-down restaurants that have remained largely unchanged in decor since the 70s. Other fast food chains, like Burger King, have adopted retro branding themes and old logos in recent years — to say nothing of the expertly preserved vintage Burger King found behind a wall in a Delaware mall.

Now, if only we could see a return to retro prices.

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