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Taco Bell has brought back the fan favorite Enchirito, but it's not going to be around for long and fans are crying foul. 

Back in October, the Bell gave fans the chance to vote on a discontinued item that the company should bring back. The only two options were the Double Decker taco (which got my vote, personally) and the Enchirito, a kind of burrito and enchilada hybrid that first appeared on menus way back in the 1960s before going on and off the menu a couple times since.

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The beef, bean, and onion-filled tortilla smothered in red sauce and cheese has a big fan base because it won 62% of the vote. It returned to menus on Nov. 17, and while Taco Bell always made it clear that the winning menu item was only going to return for a limited time, many fans are miffed that it's only going to be around for two weeks until Nov. 30.

"They spent more time advertising and hyping this up than it'll even be available for," says Reddit r/tacobell forum user YeOldeBilk. "They got so much damn traffic with that marketing and poll all for a 2 week LTO."

"Why do they do this?" says u/SghettiAndButter. "It’s a fast food chain not a limited edition sneaker release."

Lots of Taco Bell superfans point out that the ingredients to put together the Enchirito are at stores all the time — there's nothing special involved — making it even more frustrating that it's only going to be back for a short time. "The marketing team is trash and they think they’re being cute and fun by bringing an item to the menu, that could be made any given day of the week, for two weeks only!" says u/Funion21.

It's safe to assume that the corporate marketing team knows what they're doing, though. Because as u/Saintroi says, "TWO WEEKS for an item they can make whenever... hachi machi. I'll still eat it."

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