Taco Bell Superfans Share Their 'Favorite Custom Orders'

Taco Bell Late Night Hours


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Taco Bell Late Night Hours

Custom Creations

Taco Bell is a bit like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" chain of the fast food world. Find the Quesarito a bit lacking? Add jalapenos and potatoes, and top it off with nacho fries. Want a vegetarian version of the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito? Substitute the beef with potatoes. Making adjustments are easy, with Taco Bell even encouraging its fans to hack its menu. Redditors recently shared their favorite custom menu items, including a budget-friendly steak burrito, a divine black bean Quesarito, and an order that tastes like "childhood." Have a favorite customized order at Taco Bell? Let us know in the comments.

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Taco Bell's Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito
Taco Bell

Budget Steak Burrito

Price: $3.50

Calories: 510

Start with Taco Bell's $1 cheesy bean and rice burrito, but substitute the beans with potatoes and steak. In the end, you have a $3.50 steak burrito — cheap compared to the chain's $6.79 double steak burrito. And if you want to make it extra tasty, ask to have it grilled.

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Taco Bell Crunchwrap
Joshua Blanchard / Getty

Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme

Price: $6.84

Calories: 590

If you've never been a fan of Taco Bell's Crunchwrap, consider ordering it with spicy ranch and substituting chicken for beef. While it costs $2 more than the original, a Redditor calls this version "bomb."

Bean Burrito
Taco Bell

Nostalgic Bean and Cheese Burrito

Price: $2.79

Calories: 340

Order a bean burrito, but go easy on the beans and add extra red sauce and cheese for a burrito that tastes like "childhood," according to one superfan.

Black Bean Quesarito
Taco Bell

'Vegetarian Valhalla' Burrito

Price: $7.24

Calories: 830

A superfan promises that this custom black bean Quesarito will help you "ascend to a higher state of being." Start by adding extra nacho cheese and chipotle sauce to avoid a dry burrito, and then add onions and potatoes (or fries) to reach even greater gastronomical heights. Just know that this modded burrito won't be easy on your wallet (or waistline).

Taco Bell's Chalupa Supreme
Taco Bell

Vegetarian Chalupa Supreme

Price: $4.50

Calories: 664

Vegetarians who want something heartier than the black bean chalupa can substitute the chalupa supreme's meat with potatoes. It may be gilding the lily, but add nacho cheese and guacamole for the full experience.

Taco Bell's Beefy 5-Layer Burrito
Taco Bell

Vegetarian Beefy Five-Layer Burrito

Price: $4.50

Calories: 664

Wrapped in a layer of nacho cheese filled tortilla, this hefty burrito packs a punch. Ask to substitute beef with potatoes to make it vegetarian, and be sure to get it grilled, one Redditor suggests.