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Taco Bell is bringing back its popular chicken wings Jan. 26, but for two weeks only. 

The chicken wings were due to return Jan. 19, but the company said the rollout was being delayed for unknown reasons and then announced the new date of Jan. 26 a day later. The wings made their debut last January but were only available for a week due to a chicken wing shortage driving up prices — remember that whole thing?

Weirdly, the wings are available only for two weeks this year despite lower chicken prices and better availability than in 2022. But stranger still is that the company is tying the wings to football even though the new two-week window includes only one NFL Sunday.

The Ultimate Game Day Box, which was clearly designed and named with the NFL playoffs in mind, is now only available for the NFL Conference Championships on Jan. 29. It comes with eight wings, four crunchy tacos, a Mexican pizza, and two spicy ranch dips for $22. It seems like the perfect thing to take to your friend's Super Bowl party, but the big game airs Feb. 12 and doesn't coincide with the availability of the wings, which fly away Feb. 9.

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Though chicken prices have cooled somewhat, Taco Bell isn't planning to pass the savings on to customers. An order of five wings will set you back about $7 this year, a buck more than it did in 2022. Between the higher price and botched launch, we'll see just how popular Taco Bell's wings are this time around.

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