Taco Bell Beefy Crunch vs. Cool Ranch

Taco Bell

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If last year's "Sophie's Choice" conundrum — deciding between the Enchirito and the Double Decker Taco — wasn't stressful enough for you, Taco Bell is asking you yet again to pick a favorite. Using the Taco Bell app, fans must decide which discontinued item they'd like to make a limited-time return to the menu: the Beefy Crunch Burrito or the Cool Ranch Doritos Loco Tacos. Decisions, decisions.

While many quickly took to social media to lament that last year's winner, the Enchirito (besting the Double Decker Taco), only returned for two weeks, Taco Bell can't be blamed for wanting to do this again given the response — over 765,000 votes were cast, with 65% going to the winner.

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If you're willing to cast your lot with one of the two fan favorites, the contest is on in the app now until April 12, with the winner displayed on menus the day after. Those who really, really want either the beefy burrito or a ranch-flavored taco will likely be happy to know they can vote daily.

Taco Bell BattlePhoto credit: Taco Bell

If history has taught us anything, the return will only be temporary so get your fill of the winner while you can. If it helps, Taco Bell will distract you with the much-heralded return of its Volcano menu starting June 29, which will include both super-spicy Volcano burritos and tacos. But again, remember: this, too, will be for a limited time. 

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