Tobasco Salad Dressing


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We may think of Tabasco for hot sauce, but thanks to a TikTok star, the brand is moving in a new direction (for a short time): salad dressing. 

@tinx Mission to normalize #HotSauceDressing complete ✅ I’ve partnered with the most iconic and my favorite hot sauce makers at @tabascobrand to co-create a limited-edition hot sauce dressing 🥑🌶️ 🥗 #ad ♬ original sound - Tinx

Teaming up with TikTok star Tinx, aka Christina Najjar (and, theoretically, her 1.5 million followers), Tabasco is releasing a dressing that's a blend of Tabasco green jalapeno sauce, avocado, and herbs for a limited time — and only online. You can grab a 12-ounce bottle on Amazon for $10

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The 154-year-old company has taken on its first-ever social media collaboration in the hopes of reaching younger consumers, who are increasingly looking elsewhere (such as Cholula or Yellowbird sauces) for their hot sauce fixes.


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