These 2019 Cars Have the Most Remaining Inventory (and Deepest Discounts)

Shop 2019 Cars for Bargains


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Shop 2019 Cars for Bargains

Shop 2019 Cars for Bargains

As with other consumer goods, new car sales are down precipitously — in large part because COVID-19 forced factories and dealerships to close. Production is resuming in some places and dealers are starting to reopen, but with a glut of leftover 2019 inventory. An iSeeCars study reveals that while the average 2019 model vehicle has about 10.8% of its inventory remaining from last year, some models have more than six times that. Translation: This could be a bargain bonanza for consumers, with dealers pushing never-driven cars from the previous and current model years hard to make room for next year's wheels.

Keep an open mind. "Automakers are offering generous incentives and financing deals," says Julie Blackley, communications manager for iSeeCars. "Consumers may not realize that these deals are for 2019 vehicles as well, which in many cases don't have many differences between the new 2020 versions." Compare carefully as you shop, and look for these top 20 vehicles with the most inventory remaining for sale.

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2019 Nissan Maxima
2019 Nissan Maxima by Greg Gjerdingen (CC BY)

No. 20: Nissan Maxima

2019 Inventory Remaining: 20.5%
The Maxima is one of three Nissan models on the list. For fans, Nissan offers generous financing deals to qualified buyers on its 2020 models, including zero percent financing for up to 60 months and zero payments for 90 days. Nissan will even make the first two payments on select models including the Maxima, iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly says.

Honda Passport Sport AWD, front
Honda Passport Sport AWD, front by Kevauto (CC BY-SA)

No. 19: Honda Passport

2019 Inventory Remaining: 21.2%
All-new for 2019, "the Honda Passport did not sell well, which led to end-of-year incentives in an attempt to boost sales," Ly says. Honda is allowing qualified buyers to defer payments up to 90 days, as well as $1,000 toward new vehicle purchases and zero money down leases on 2020 models. Additionally, 2019 Passport models are eligible for zero percent financing for 60 months, while 2020 models offer 1.9%.

No. 18: Dodge Charger

No. 18: Dodge Charger

2019 Inventory Remaining: 21.6%
While the popular Charger saw record sales in 2019, according to iSeeCars, buyers may opt for 2020 versions that have wider wheelbases, including the SRT Hellcat and Scat Pack models. "Generous incentives are being offered on 2020 Charger and Challenger models," including zero percent financing and between $3,050 to $7,970 cash back, Ly says.

2019 Nissan Kicks
2019 Nissan Kicks by Matthew P.L. Stevens (CC BY-NC)

No. 17: Nissan Kicks

2019 Inventory Remaining: 22.5%
The second Nissan on the list, the 2020 Kicks is also eligible for incentives. The manufacturer again offers generous financing deals for qualified buyers, including zero percent financing up to 60 months and zero payments for 90 days — and will make the first two payments for you.

Honda Civic 4p
Guillaume Vachey

No. 16: Honda Civic

2019 Inventory Remaining: 22.7%
Honda allows qualified buyers to defer payments up to 90 days on this coupe, and it offers $1,000 toward new vehicle purchases and zero-down leases on 2020 models, Ly says.

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2019 Mitsubishi Outlander LS
2019 Mitsubishi Outlander LS by TuRbO_J (CC BY)

No. 15: Mitsubishi Outlander

2019 Inventory Remaining: 22.7%
The Outlander appears to suffer from overall blandness. It "fails to stand out among its competitors in the compact SUV class, so the surplus of 2019 vehicles is a result of a low demand for the vehicle," Ly says. Given that, it should be no surprise there's a $3,750 factory rebate for its remaining 2019 models.

Sixth generation Ford Mustang GT (export model)
Sixth generation Ford Mustang GT (export model) by Vauxford (CC BY-SA)

No. 14: Ford Mustang

2019 Inventory Remaining: 23.1%
A much-loved muscle car, the Mustang is the second of just two coupes on the iSeeCars list. "For 2020, the Mustang improved its engine and added a high-performance package that increases the engine's horsepower," Ly says. Buyers who opt for a 2019 Mustang can get a $2,000 retail incentive, versus $750 for the 2020 edition.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR 2019
Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR 2019 by Kārlis Dambrāns (CC BY)

No. 13: Volkswagen Golf GTI

2019 Inventory Remaining: 27.1%
Two Volkswagens made their way into the top 20. Volkswagen offers generous incentives on its 2019 and 2020 models including zero percent financing for 72 months, no payments for six months, cashback incentives, and zero money down leases, Ly says.

2020 Nissan Sentra
2020 Nissan Sentra by Ee2mba (CC BY-SA)

No. 12: Nissan Sentra

2019 Inventory Remaining: 27.1%
The Sentra was redesigned fully for 2020 to provide a sportier exterior and a more powerful engine, Ly says. Like its other models, Nissan offers generous financing deals for qualified buyers on the 2020 model of this vehicle.

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No. 11: Dodge Challenger

No. 11: Dodge Challenger

2019 Inventory Remaining: 30.2%
If you don't mind buying a 2020 model of this vehicle, you may be eligible for generous incentives including zero percent financing and between $3,050 to $7,970 cash back. And as Blackley points out, dealers are desperate to move vehicles, so prices can likely be negotiated down quite a bit.

Chevrolet Impala, June 2019
Chevrolet Impala, June 2019 by nigelmenzies (CC BY-NC-ND)

No. 10: Chevrolet Impala

2019 Inventory Remaining: 31.8%
Though this vehicle is reliable and highly rated, Chevrolet has discontinued it. "The discontinuation of the Impala shows that the large sedan isn't in high demand," Ly says.

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No. 9: Alfa Romeo Giulia

No. 9: Alfa Romeo Giulia

2019 Inventory Remaining: 32.8%
A year ago, just 8.2% of the previous years' Alfa Romeo Giulias sat on lots across the country. The uptick this year to 32.8% puts the vehicle among those in the iSeeCars' study with the largest year over year change in remaining inventory.

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VW Atlas
VW Atlas by Alexander Migl (CC BY-SA)

No. 8: Volkswagen Atlas

2019 Inventory Remaining: 37.1%
The popular Atlas was a top seller for Volkswagen last year, Ly says, making its appearance on the list slightly puzzling. "There could have been increased production … to meet demand, and since the 2021 Atlas has been released, dealers will want to move 2019 inventory," Ly says.

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No. 7: Ram Pickup 1500 Class

No. 7: Ram Pickup 1500 Class

2019 Inventory Remaining: 39.4%
Like the Alfa Romeo Giulia, what a difference a year makes. In May 2019, just 1.2% of the previous years' Ram Pickup 1500 inventory remained on lots. The picture this year is substantially different. The pickup is also among the vehicles in the iSeeCars study with the largest year-over-year change in remaining inventory.

2019 Audi Q7 facelift Front.
2019 Audi Q7 facelift Front. by Vauxford (CC BY-SA)

No. 6: Audi Q7

2019 Inventory Remaining: 40.6%
Representing Volkswagen's luxury brand, it seems excess Q7s are sitting on lots across the country. The only question is which year to buy – the 2019 or 2020? "The Audi Q7 was updated for 2020 to include a new engine and refreshed exterior styling, but a $2,000 rebate is offered on remaining 2019 versions," Ly says.

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2019 Ford Ranger
2019 Ford Ranger by Matthew P.L. Stevens (CC BY-NC)

No. 5: Ford Ranger

2019 Inventory Remaining: 41.9%
Unlike many other examples on this list, the Ranger has actually seen a spike in purchases this year, Ly says. "The Ford Ranger saw a 123% increase in 2020 sales over 2019, and plant shutdowns in the wake of the pandemic has led to lower-than-average inventory levels for 2020 versions of American trucks," he explains. Still there are plenty of 2019 models left for the taking.

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2019 Nissan Titan XD Pro 4X
2019 Nissan Titan XD Pro 4X by SoulRider.222 (CC BY-ND)

No. 4: Nissan Titan

2019 Inventory Remaining: 43.7%
There are some serious discounts available on the Titan, if you're in the market for a pickup, Ly says. "The 2020 Nissan Titan is discounted by up to $6,267, while the 2019 has almost $2,000 additional savings with up to $8,320 off MSRP," Ly says.

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No. 3: Dodge Journey

No. 3: Dodge Journey

2019 Inventory Remaining: 45.8%
Dodge will discontinue the Journey after 2020, according to In addition, the company is limiting trim and engine options available on the vehicle for its final year, Ly says, and advertises only deals on new 2019 models. Discounts available include up to $5,000 off MSRP, he says.

No. 2: Chrysler 300

No. 2: Chrysler 300

2019 Inventory Remaining: 50.9%
As a "victim of the declining sedan segment," Ly says, the Chrysler 300 saw a steep 37% decline in sales for 2019 — but it offers an additional $1,500 cashback offer for the 2020 version.

No. 1: Dodge Grand Caravan

No. 1: Dodge Grand Caravan

2019 Inventory Remaining: 66.3%
Slated to be discontinued after the 2020 model year, the vehicle topping the list with the most remaining inventory is the Grand Caravan. It's not available in 13 states due to emissions regulations, "so dealers in those states are only selling new vehicles from the 2019 model year," Ly says. Current offers on a 2019 Grand Caravan include $4,250 cash allowance and 0.9% APR financing for 84 months.

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