Super Bowl Food Hacks

20 Recipes and Kitchen Hacks You Need for Your Super Bowl Party

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Super Bowl Food Hacks

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Epic food spreads are the best part of Super Bowl parties, and so many of the most-loved dishes are simple and cheap to pull together. These tips, recipes, and kitchen hacks will score big with fans of all ages and food preferences, while also working in many of the classic game-day flavors. Whether you go for one big "snack stadium" or just mix and match different dishes, it's fun, inexpensive, and easy to make the food stand out.

Snack Stadium

snack stadium

Snack stadiums are a go-all-out endeavor and always look impressive. This version includes everything from snacks to drinks, and is highly customizable. Let your creative juices flow for a winning game-day display.

Directions: Delish

Pressure Cooker Chili

pressure cooker chili

Super inexpensive and quick to make, this easy pressure cooker recipe can be handy if you decide to have a last-minute party. Make it vegetarian with a few types of beans or add your meat of choice. Complete the spread with a toppings bar, and it's all the food you need.

Recipe: Southern Living

Slow Cooker Hot Dogs

large-batch slow cooker hot dogs

Game-day dogs somehow taste better than regular hot dogs, which means they tend to go fast. Stay out of the kitchen by cooking them in large batches in the slow cooker, which also keeps them hot until ready to eat.

Recipe: Recipes That Crock

One-Pan Sliders

one-pan sliders

This trick allows you to make sliders for a crowd in just a few easy steps. Baking the meat in a flat dish means less time spent forming and cooking individual patties.

Recipe: Genius Kitchen

Ham and Cheese Pull Apart Bread

pull-apart bread

This finger food is quick, cheap, easy to make, and fun to eat. This recipe will satisfy guests' cravings for queso, grilled cheese, or even potato skins by featuring many of the same ingredients.

Recipe: Two Peas & Their Pod

Perfect Tray Nachos

perfect bite nachos

The key to getting the perfect bite of nacho every time is not actually piling high, it's layering evenly. As this recipe instructs, arrange just one layer of chips, and build the nachos so that every chip has a mixture of all of the toppings.

Recipe: Recipe Lion


game-day punch

Cocktails are great, but not if it means you or someone else will be playing mixologist every time someone needs a drink. Keep the attention on the game by serving a punch. Any punch works. Feel free to get creative with this beer and grapefruit punch, for example.

Recipe: Real Simple

Evergreen Guac

evergreen guac

Brown guac just doesn't have the same appeal, and neither does making a fresh batch every hour. A little trick that folks in the restaurant industry use is to leave the avocado pit in the guac, which prevents it from turning brown.
football-strawberries by Shari's Berries (CC BY-NC)

chocolate dipped strawberry footballs

For those who like something sweet but don't want to go too heavy on the sugar, chocolate-dipped fruit satisfies the sweet tooth without being overwhelming. Bonus points for making them look like adorable little footballs.

Recipe: Domestic Fits

Pretzel Footballs

pretzel footballs

Another classic football stadium treat is the hot pretzel, which can be recreated at home for just a few cents each. This recipe makes it extra special by twisting them into festive footballs.

Recipe: Style Me Pretty

Team-Colored Ice Cream Sandwiches

team-colored ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches come together in seconds using store-bought ice cream and cookies. Stock up on team-colored sprinkles, and let each guest dip their own into team colors to extra team spirit.

Recipe: Snack Works

Potato Skins.

potato skin footballs

Potato skins are already shaped like footballs, so it takes very little effort to dress them up for the occasion. It just comes down to using sour cream to draw laces and stripes on top of whatever toppings you use.

Recipe: Everyday Dishes

Helmet Cupcakes
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helmet cupcakes

Cupcakes have a lot of advantages for a party: They are easy to dole out, and they don't require utensils, making for easy cleanup. Regular cupcakes are cheap and work great, but why not spend a extra few minutes and decorate them like football helmets?

Recipe: MyCupcakeAddiction (YouTube Video)

Dallas Cowboys Field Cake
Dallas Cowboys Field Cake by Karen McCown (CC BY-NC-ND)

football field sheet cake

If you are going to make a cake for Super Bowl Sunday, it's almost an unwritten law that it must be a field cake! It really all comes down to creative icing with plenty of green food coloring.

Recipe: McCormick

Buffalo Chicken Dip

buffalo chicken dip

Easier to eat than actual Buffalo chicken wings and with all of that big and bold flavor packed in, this is a winning dip. This dish comes together quickly and is also a lot less pricey than ordering wings.

Recipe: Taste Of Home

Summer fruit salad in a watermelon crust. Healty food
Summer fruit salad in a watermelon crust. Healty food by Marco Verch (CC BY)

watermelon helmet fruit salad

It's nice to have a few fresh offerings, alongside the typically heavy fare. A fruit salad can become the pièce de résistance by using a little skill with a knife and a watermelon.

Directions: Hallmark (YouTube Video)

Slow Cooker Queso

slow cooker queso

Queso dip is universally loved. It can be a dish on its own, or accompany other treats like nachos and chili. This hands-off recipe is a breeze, and the slow cooker keeps it warm until it's gone.

Recipe: Brown Eyed Baker

Pigs in a Blanket

quick & easy pigs in a blanket

These scrumptious little nuggets always seem to be the first thing gone at a party, so be sure to double your batch. Using store-bought dough and mini sausages makes these a breeze to cook up. Pro tip: They can be prepared in advance and left in the fridge or freezer before baking.

Recipe: Pillsbury

Beer Chilling Station

beer chilling station

A fridge can only hold so much, which might be less beer than you and your party can go through. Be ready with a large pot of salted ice water for lightning fast chilling.

Directions: Epicurious

Oreo cookie mousse ice-cream in edible cup

edible ice cream bowls

Get into the festive mood of the day by upgrading your ice cream sundaes with edible bowls. These easy bowls add that extra touch to lift everyone's spirits, even those rooting for the losing team.

Recipe: All Created