Not Into Football? Try These 10 Super Bowl Alternatives


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Football agnostics seeking an escape from the Super Bowl may be the real winners on Feb. 7. While most Americans are glued to the screen rooting for their favorite team (or voting for their favorite ad), Super Bowl Sunday is the chance to enjoy an uncrowded weekend with lower-than-usual prices. Here are 10 cheap and exhilarating Super Bowl alternatives.

Broadway shows tend to be less expensive on Super Bowl night. Tickets to "The Book of Mormon" start at $139 for the evening compared with $165 on a regular Sunday night, for example. Check the local theater scene for deals on nearby performances.

Super Bowl Sunday is prime time for skiing -- the mountain isn't as packed and deals on lift tickets are easy to find. Liftopia shows discounts on Feb. 7 at a number of ski resorts. Killington in Vermont, for example, is offering full-day lift tickets for $78 compared with the usual $94.

The evening of the Super Bowl tends to be one of the slowest nights of the year for sit-down restaurants. OpenTable fills far fewer reservations than it normally does on a Sunday evening, and its data show a pronounced dip in traffic to restaurant websites. This is the night to get into a popular restaurant you've wanted to try or find a good deal at a neighborhood joint.

Airfare tends to be relatively cheap in early February, making this a prime time for a bargain getaway -- unless you're eyeing Las Vegas (the Super Bowl party capital) or northern California (the game is at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara). Some airlines even flaunt their football spirit. In past years, JetBlue Airways has charged $1 for the first beer, wine, or cocktail and passed out free Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing pretzels on flights scheduled during game time. Bonus: Flying on football's biggest night of the year means fewer passengers and more space to spread out.

Whether it's a kid-friendly adventure park, a museum, or the local zoo, there are typically fewer crowds at attractions that have no relation to the Super Bowl. Not surprisingly, many offer money-saving deals. Nashville Zoo is promoting half off admission prices on the big day.

Leave the sports to others and pamper yourself with a facial and massage. Super Bowl Sunday is a good day to find deals and discounts at local spas and beauty venues. Bliss Spa has hosted Super Bowl Spa Day events in the past at various locations, complete with freebies. Check spas in your area for the lowdown.

The treadmills are bound to be empty and the chance for a front-row space in spin class soars on Super Bowl Sunday. Specialty workout venues, such as Pilates studios, may have more space (and fewer watchful eyes) than usual, making this a good day to try a new workout routine.

This is perhaps the simplest way to get some distance from the Super Bowl madness. Use the evening as an opportunity to go to bed early and catch up on needed zzzz's. A fitness tracker shows the healthy results of an early bedtime.

Look for deals and quiet, crowd-free shopping on football's triumphal day. Some retailers capitalize on the big game by offering special deals. But steer clear of food and drink, team apparel, and related items -- all of which command premium prices.

As a last-resort Super Bowl alternative, use the day to put a shine on things. Cleaning costs nothing (save for supplies) and may be the long-awaited chance to complete a job that's been on hold for too long. Start with the areas that need regular cleaning but have been ignored lately. Turn off the TV, turn up the stereo or plug in earbuds, and make the house sparkle. participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to purchase a product through a link on our site. This helps support our work and does not influence editorial content.