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Whenever you willingly use a food delivery app like DoorDash, you’re also subjecting yourself to dealing with the inevitable and occasional human error. Some botched attempts at a successful food delivery can end up stinging more than others. You might find yourself on a cold winter’s night waiting hungrily for that fresh pepperoni pizza that you also could’ve walked down the block for, only to find yourself still waiting for that not-fresh-anymore pizza a couple of hours later. Then, a particular devastating plot twist can erupt out of nowhere, and suddenly you’re told that the pizza was “delivered” yet it’s nowhere to be found. Such is life sometimes. 

So, when one particularly irritated DoorDash customer went to order themselves a couple of Subway sandwiches, they were in no reasonable way prepared for what they would end up getting.

@knockbackaria Btw the subway manager asked for the boxes back & doordash rejected the refund request. #doordash #subway #trending #fyp #viral ♬ original sound - knockbackaria

"We ordered two Spicy Italians from Subway and it said order completed and we got this picture on the front door,” TikToker @knockbackaria angrily explained in a viral video last month.

The picture taken was of three flat boxes that were stacked on top of one another, while the order displayed on the phone was clearly sandwiches. As he moves the phone away, you can then see two huge boxes of Subway fliers and posters. 

To make matters more unpleasantly chaotic, DoorDash refused to issue the refund. 

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