Subway footlong

David B. / Yelp

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Subway's $5 footlongs disappeared from its menu long ago, but the ubiquitous sandwich chain is running a new promotion where you can get one for the same price — or even cheaper.

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Starting Feb. 1, when you order two footlongs online or with the Subway app and use code FLBOGO, the less expensive sandwich is free. The promotion runs for less than two weeks, through Feb. 10.

So, if you wanted to get your footlongs for $5 each or less in the most frugal and nostalgic way possible, choose simpler subs and forgo double meat or extras. For instance, two black forest ham subs would be less than $8 in many locations, while fan-favorite sweet onion chicken teriyaki footlongs would be less than $10 for two. 

The last time Subway ran this promotion was in November when it coincided with National Sandwich Day on Nov. 3. Considering that was only a few months ago, could Subway plan to make buy one, get one free footlongs a quarterly deal? That would certainly make lots of budget-minded sandwich fans happy.

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