9 Companies That Are Doomed To Go Out Of Business


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The Warning Signs Were There, They Said.

In these competitive times with price hikes seemingly hitting every service and product within this wild world as we know it, the business landscape is more competitive than ever. You've really got to bring some juice to the table to either kickstart things into motion, or simply keep afloat. 

There are certain companies, however, at least according to folks from this recent Reddit thread, that could be teetering on the brink of self-destruction. Whoever said that Netflix is doomed to kick the bucket though, is certainly on an interesting frequency.


Streaming Kind Of Jeopardized Their Business Model.

It couldn't have been easy to have been in that board room when Redbox's top-level execs were fielding what must've been tidal waves of cortisol upon learning that streaming services were here to stay. 


WeWork Has Been Fascinating From The Jump.

It's really just a wonder how they were ever able to "manifest" things to such an extent. A business that seemingly was never even a business to begin with. Yet, millions of dollars later. 


Already Showing The Doom Signals.

Rite Aid is already in the process of shutting down many of its outposts. Things would seem to be heading for the South Pole very quickly. 


See You Later, Peloton.

There was a time when it was either mildly irritating to be told by a member of the Peloton cult that they had clocked their daily 200 mile ride, while they manically wolfed down an electrolyte chew post virtual race; or no worries if you yourself were a part of the Peloton movement. All about seizing the day, and the product did catch on and promote some healthier living. So, at least there's that. But now, maybe Peloton's caught a flat

Plus, there are plenty of cheap alternatives to those pricey stationary bikes.


Now That Could Be Interesting.

There's no telling what the government will do. Could be an interesting turn of events though for all the tax software companies, new and old, that are currently competing for space out there. 

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What Was Once Trendy Has Maybe Lost Its Steam.

There seems to be a bit of a trend in this thread for when it comes to predicting the rapidly impending demise of various power bike/stationary exercise bike companies. Woof. 


They're Firmly Standing Their Ground.

Companies will come and go, but Mattress Firm would seem adamant on being around for the timelessly relevant service that they provide.


What A Bummer.

This will surely hit anyone (please if you're out there, let us know) who has a loyalty to Dickies BBQ as an upstanding business. How will we truck on during these troubling times? How? 


It's Obviously The Parade.

Macy's seems like it's still going to be around for a bit (despite recent store closures).