1882 Victorian Estate featured in 'Stranger Things'
Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc.

You Don’t Have To Live in the Upside Down To Buy This ‘Stranger Things’ Mansion

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In a time when many consumers find the thought of buying real estate off-putting, "Stranger Things" is throwing up for-sale signs like they're going out of style. After listing the house with the infamous alphabet wall in September, the latest listing involving properties featured in the show is the super creepy Victorian mansion showcased in the fourth season of the popular Netflix series.

Though the show's first foray into real estate highlighted a modest $300,000 listing, this latest offering comes with a slightly heftier price tag. The Creel house in Rome, Georgia, if you're in the market, can be yours for a mere $1.5 million. The 6,000-square-foot home comes with an acre of land and a two-bedroom guest house. The Victorian mansion was built in 1882, according to the listing, so there's no telling what frights might be found inside.

Listing manager Toles, Temple & Wright Inc. isn't letting just any diehard fan of the hit program stroll inside to take a peek, though. To tour the home, you have to provide proof that you can indeed afford to buy it. The audacity.

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