36 Adorable Photos of Pets 'Staycationing' During Lockdown

dog in a hammock


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dog in a hammock

Pets on Holiday

As we all slide into a summer unlike anything we've experienced before, it's nice to have our dogs, cats, and other furry and feathered companions by our side. We once again asked readers and friends to send us photos of their pets, this time "staycationing" at home. From pups playing in puddles to many a pet simply enjoying a sunbeam, here are our favorite shots of the dog (and cat!) days of summer.

Scott Nyerges

Road Trip!

Cheapism editor Scott Nyerges' Shiba Inu Akira is ready to hit the pavement in search of adventure.

Amadeo and Tyrion
Yael Squeo

Staycation Snuggles

Yael Squeo's kitties Amadeo and Tyrion are happy with any staycation circumstances, as long as they're together.

Sam Scott
Kris Scott

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Sam, who belongs to Cheapism editor Kris Scott, takes a splash break to pose for his closeup.

Cati and Patrick Basile

Poolside Pooch

Annie, a 7-year-old Chiweenie who lives outside of Nashville, is shown here "living her best life, as usual" according to owners Cati and Patrick Basile.

Bailey and Georgia

The Dog Days of Summer

Bailey, left, and Georgia live in Florida with the Thiel family and love lounging by the pool.

Boomer and Bella
Connie Kamedulski

Sand Is for Suckers

Boomer and Belle, Connie Kamedulski's pups, may not be able to go to the beach, but they've found the second best thing: taking over a cushy beach-themed sofa.

Karen Slawinsky

Take Me With You

Karen Slawinsky's Callie just wants to go somewhere already — and no one's leaving without her.

Christine Clark

Maizy Being Lazy

Cheapism freelancer Christine Clark's pup Maizy isn't about to pretend that staycationing involves anything other than chilling on her couch.

Pat Shrader

Wake Me When Something Exciting Happens

Coco, furry companion to Cheapism's assistant managing editor Pat Shrader, says, "Forget Coachella. This year, Couch-ella will be just fine with me."

Anna Christakos

Cocktail Kitty

Curry, who belongs to Cheapism production manager Anna Christakos, knows it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Jenn Magid
Marc Levy

Pass Me the Binoculars

Cheapism editor Marc Levy's cat Dagny's idea of a good time is bird hunting ... err, watching.

Brad Koberg

Share, Human

Every day is a cheat day for Brad Koberg's aptly named Kitty.

Daisy Wong

Wake Me In the Fall

Daisy Wong's cat Geddy knows the value of a staycation nap.

Kristen Donner

Keep on Keepin' On

Kristen Donner's lab Huey loves the simple life. Give him a stick and a truck bed and he's good to go.

Dara Sposato

Summer Schmummer

Sunshine and blue skies aside, Dara Sposato's pup Eli just wants to curl up with a good human.

Jane Rinard

Sunbeam With a Side of Snooze

Jane Rinard's kitty Cornelius keeps his vacation plans simple with a few zzzzzs.

Amy Tobey

Super Chill

Amy Tobey's pooch Lindy watches over the garden while grabbing some vitamin D.

Louie Bouie
Kristy Gaconnier

Nom Nom Nom

Ice cream-loving Louie Bouie, who belongs to Kristy Gaconnier, doesn't mind if he does.

Suzanne Schneider

Dapper Dude

Just because it's a staycation doesn't mean that Louis, French bulldog of Cheapism special projects editor Suzanne Schneider, is going to dress like a slob.

Kristy Gaconnier
Amber McNeil

This Is My Best Side

Amber McNeil's pug pup Minnie might be young, but she clearly already knows what colors suit her.

Dana Wood

About That Thermostat ...

Dana Wood's pup Layla is not about that AC action.

Anna Christakos

Lei-ing Down the 'Aww'

Cheapism production manager Anna Christakos' kitty Nutmeg wonders when it'll be time to head to the airport.

Kris Scott

Shake It Off

Blue, the only "daughter" of Cheapism editor Kris Scott, isn't afraid of a little water.

Pappy and Sadie
Tammy Ward

Right as Rain

Tammy Ward's pups Pappy and Sadie are all dolled up for any staycation weather — but one of them seems happier about it than the other.

Lisa Massey

Lookin' Good, Feline Better

Lisa Massey's kitty Prim won't be leaving the recliner for staycation.

Rachel Pencu

Ready for His Spotlight

Rachel Pencu's pup Prince knows it's his time to shine.

Anna Christakos

Fiesta Time

Cheapism's Christakos' pup Sam heard there would be chips, guac, and margs.

Jeff Rindksopf

Simon Says Go Away

Cheapism freelance writer Jeff Rindksopf's pet, Simon, seems none too pleased to be awakened from his catnap.

Sydney Wilson

Contemplating Life

Sydney Wilson's pup Theo ponders the big questions of life. What does it all mean? And when will he go on a walk?

Emma Sotillo

Just One More Chapter

Emma Sotillo's kitty Tokio is more about books and less about beaches when it comes to his staycation preferences.

Lisa Hofmeister

Too Bright

Lexi, who belongs to Lisa Hofmeister, either isn't entirely clear on the concept of pillows or needs those curtains to be pulled. Stat.

Arnie and Winnie
Burkett Carver

Summer Lovin'

Arnie and Winnie, who belong to Burkett Carver, rarely leave each other's side, and know a cool tile floor when they see it.

Yesi Levya

A Fur-midable Charge

Yesi Levya's pup Bombon is fostering a kitten while on staycation. A parent pooch's job is never done.

Tobin Bassani

Tuckered Out

Tobin Bassani's Merlin wore himself out after conquering a couple of his stuffies.

Echo the Tarantula
Danny Jensen

California Girl

Cheapism managing editor Danny Jensen's Chilean Rose-Hair spider, Echo, has always dreamed of stretching her legs — yes, all eight of them — out on a tropical beach somewhere. Fun fact: Jensen reports that Echo does indeed push her orange "beach ball" around her cage.