How Many Billionaires Are in Your State?

Philanthropist Warren Buffett

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Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay
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State Capital

If the pandemic has been less than kind to your finances, you might want to skip this. That's because America's billionaires have added more than $1 trillion to their collective net worth since its start, even as many everyday Americans have struggled. Wondering which state has the most billionaires? Unsurprisingly, California tops the list with 189 of them, while some states have none: Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia. Read on to see how many there are in your state, and how some made their fortunes.

Unless otherwise noted, net worth numbers are from the Forbes 400 List published in October or the Forbes Billionaire List from April. Both are updated daily.

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Ernest Garcia III
Ernest Garcia III by Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA)

Arizona: 8 Billionaires

The richest Arizonian is Ernest Garcia II ($18.8 billion), who made his fortune through the used-car sales platform Carvana. His son, Ernest Garcia III ($9.3 billion), co-founded the company and also makes the list. Other Arizona billionaires include Mark Shoen ($5 billion) of U-Haul; George Kurtz ($4 billion), a cybersecurity CEO; Arturo Moreno ($3.6 billion), who owns the Los Angeles Angels baseball team; Bob Parsons ($3.4 billion), the founder of GoDaddy; and Bennett Dorrance ($2.9 billion), descendent of Campbell Soup creator John T. Dorrance.

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Jim Walton
Jim Walton by Walmart (CC BY)

Arkansas: 4 Billionaires

Jim Walton ($68.8 billion) ranks 11th among the richest Americans. The youngest son of Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, inherited his fortune. Unsurprisingly, another Walton also makes the list of richest people in America: Rob Walton ($67.6 billion) acted as Walmart's chair from 1992 to 2015 and now ranks 13th among the Forbes 400. Other Arkansas billionaires include Johnelle Hunt ($4.4 billion), who made her fortune in trucking, and investment banker Warren Stephens ($2.9 billion).

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg by Anthony Quintano (CC BY)

California: 189 Billionaires

If you've ever been to California, or even if you haven't, it should come as no surprise this state has the most billionaires. Some of the most notable include Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ($134.5 billion), Google creators Larry Page ($123 billion) and Sergey Brin ($118.5 billion), and Laurene Powell Jobs ($22.1 billion), who inherited her late husband Steve Jobs' Apple and Disney shares upon his death. There are also many lesser-known billionaires such as GIS guru Jack Dangermond ($8.4 billion) or Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong ($8.9 billion), who invented Abraxane, a drug used to treat cancer.

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Charles Ergen
DISH Network L.L.C.

Colorado: 9 Billionaires

Colorado has seven billionaires on the Forbes 400 list but nine billionaires overall. Charles Ergen ($13 billion), the Dish Network founder, is the richest. Also making the top 400 are investor Philip Anschutz ($10.8 billion), cable TV pioneer John Malone ($8.4 billion), venture capitalist Mark Stevens ($4.8 billion), call center CEO Kenneth Tuchman ($3.7 billion), Stryker Corp. medical device heiress and philanthropist Pat Stryker ($3.4 billion), and arguably best of all, the owner of the largest mozzarella cheese company, James Leprino ($3.3 billion).

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Ray Dalio
Ray Dalio by Harry Murphy/Web Summit (CC BY)

Connecticut: 14 Billionaires

Five of Connecticut's billionaires are among the 400 richest Americans. Since the start of the pandemic, these billionaires have added a massive $12.6 billion to their collective net worth. In the top five are Ray Dalio ($20 billion), Steven Cohen ($16 billion), and Stephen Mandel Jr. ($3.9 billion), all hedge fund managers or founders. Rounding out the list are Karen Pritzker ($5.7 billion) a Hyatt and Marmon hotels heiress, and Brad Jacobs, owner of a commercial trucking company.

Best Buy founder Richard Schulze
Best Buy

Florida: 70 Billionaires

The Sunshine State has the third-highest number of ultra-rich people, falling only behind California and New York. Together, its 70 individuals have a worth of more than $245 billion, according to Forbes. Ashley Furniture founder Ronald Wanek ($7.6 billion), Best Buy founder Richard Schulze ($4.8 billion), and Rockstar Energy drink founder Russ Weiner ($4.1 billion) may not be household names, but their companies sure are. On the other hand, some billionaires, such as Austin Russell ($2.1 billion), LIDAR automotive sensor firm founder and youngest self-made billionaire, fly more under the radar. Then, of course, there is former president Donald Trump ($2.4 billion), the United States' only billionaire president — until proven otherwise — who does anything but fly under the radar. 

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Owner and chairman Arthur Blank of the Atlanta Falcons
Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Georgia: 14 Billionaires

Georgia has far fewer billionaires than its neighbor to the south, tying for 10th place with a crew whose net worth is $63.9 billion. Co-founders of Home Depot Bernard Marcus ($9.1 billion) and Arthur Blank ($7.2 billion) make their home here. Another Georgia duo is brothers Donald "Bubba" Cathy ($5.5 billion) and Dan Cathy ($5.5 billion), who co-founded Chick-fil-A. A lesser-known billionaire is Jim Kennedy ($9.7 billion), an automotive media company chairman. 

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Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison by Oracle PR (CC BY)

Hawaii: 2 Billionaires

You might have thought there would be more billionaires in this paradise, but it's down to Larry Ellison ($117.3 billion), co-founder of software company Oracle — who bought nearly all the island of Lanai before officially making the move to Hawaii — and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar ($25.3 billion). 

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Melaleuca CEO Frank Vandersloot
Melaleuca CEO Frank Vandersloot by Melaleuca, Inc. (CC BY-SA)

Idaho: 1 Billionaire

Frank VanderSloot ($3.1 billion), the founder of the health and wellness company Melaleuca, is 368th among America's super-rich.

Eric Lefkofsky
Wikimedia Commons

Illinois: 22 Billionaires

Illinois comes in sixth for states with the most billionaires. Together, they have a net worth of $78.4 billion. Ty Warner ($4.3 billion) made his fortune as the creator of Beanie Babies, while Eric Lefkofsky ($4.1 billion) co-founded deal site Groupon. Other lesser-known Illinois billionaires include Sheldon Lavin ($3 billion) owner of a global meat processing company, and hedge fund founder Ken Griffin ($16.1 billion).

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay
Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Indiana: 3 Billionaires

The Hoosier billionaires are Carl Cook ($10.8 billion), the CEO of a medical device company; James Irsay ($3.5 billion), who inherited ownership of the Indianapolis Colts; and Herb Simon ($3.4 billion), a real estate tycoon.

Corn crop and Iowa farm at harvest time
Ron and Patty Thomas/istockphoto

Iowa: 1 Billionaire

In true Iowa fashion, former farm boy Harry Stine ($6.4 billion) made his fortune in corn and soybeans. More specifically, he sold licensing for the genetics of these plants and is still passionate about investigating genetic sequences for seeds.

Charles Koch
Charles Koch by Gavin Peters (CC BY-SA)

Kansas: 2 Billionaires

Although there aren't many billionaires here, Charles Koch ($51 billion) is one of the richest — the 16th richest American. He is chair and CEO of the company that bears his name, Koch Industries, which operates various sub-businesses. Fellow Kansan Min Kao ($5.8 billion) co-founded Garmin.

Public Storage
Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky: 1 Billionaire

Tamara Gustavson ($8 billion) owns 11% of the self-storage company Public Storage. Her father founded the company.

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and his wife Gayle
Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Louisiana: 1 Billionaire

Gayle Benson ($3.8 billion) acquired her billions when her husband, Tom Benson, died. He was the former owner of the New Orleans Saints football team and the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team.

1972 Dexter Shoe Advertisement
1972 Dexter Shoe Advertisement by SenseiAlan (CC BY)

Maine: 1 Billionaire

Although she isn't rich enough to make the top 400 list, Maine's Susan Alfond ($2.3 billion) is still a billionaire. The heiress inherited her fortune from her father, who founded the Dexter Shoe Co. She has two surviving siblings who are also billionaires.

Mitchell Rales
Mitchell Rales by Maryland GovPics (CC BY)

Maryland: 10 Billionaires

Seven of these billionaires are valued at more than $2.9 billion. The richest is Mitchell Rales ($7.5 billion), who made his fortune through the firm Danaher, which owns more than three dozen other companies. Another notable: Ted Lerner ($4.7 billion), who borrowed $250 from his wife in 1952 to start the real estate firm that generated his fortune.

Abigail Johnson, president of Fidelity her father Fidelity Chairman Edward (Ned) C. Johnson III
Brooks Kraft/Getty Images

Massachusetts: 24 Billionaires

Massachusetts comes in fifth for states with the most billionaires. Abigail Johnson ($25.2 billion), Edward Johnson III ($11.5 billion), and Edward Johnson IV ($7.2 billion) all made their billions through the investment firm Fidelity, which was founded by Edward Johnson II, dead since 1984. Another company many people now recognize, Moderna, helped earn billions for Timothy Springer ($5 billion), an initial investor in the company.

Dan Gilbert
Quicken Loans

Michigan: 9 Billionaires

The richest Michigander is 59-year-old Daniel Gilbert ($30.9 billion), who co-founded Quicken Loans when he was just 22. Four more billionaires made the top 400 list from Forbes, including Hank and Doug Meijer ($16.9 billion between the two of them), brothers who founded the Midwest supermarket that bears their name; Mat Ishbia ($8.3 billion), president and CEO of a mortgage lending company; Ronda Stryker ($7.5 billion), director of medical device company Stryker Corp.; and Marian Ilitch ($4.4 billion), who co-founded Little Caesars Pizza with her late husband.

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Glen Taylor, owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Minnesota: 4 Billionaires

While the state is absent from the Forbes list, the state is still home to four billionaires. The richest, Glen Taylor ($2.9 billion), owns Taylor Corp, the Star Tribune Media newspaper company, and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Other ultra-rich include Stanley Hubbard ($1.9 billion), another media mogul, and Martha MacMillan ($1.1 billion) and John MacMilan ($1.1 billion), great-grandchildren of the founder of the Cargill agricultural giant.

Duff Capital Investors
Duff Capital Investors

Mississippi: 2 Billionaires

Brothers James Duff ($1.4 billion) and Thomas Duff ($1.4 billion) founded and own Duff Capital Investors. The holding company has acquired many other companies since launching in 2007.

John Morris Bass Pro Shops
Bass Pro Shops

Missouri: 6 Billionaires

Pauline MacMillan Keinath ($8.2 billion), Cargill's largest shareholder, is the Show Me State's richest, followed by John Morris ($6.5 billion), who founded Bass Pro Shops; David Steward ($5.8 billion), who founded the IT company World Wide Technology; Jim McKelvey ($4.2 billion), co-founder of Square, the financial payments company; Rodger Riney ($3.6 billion), co-founder of a company that is now part of TD Ameritrade; and Jim Kavanaugh ($3.4 billion), World Wide Technology's CEO.

Dennis R. Washington
Dennis R. Washington by FelixRo (CC BY)

Montana: 4 Billionaires

Two of Montana's billionaires are among the dozen billionaire Cargill heirs, among them Austen Cargill II ($4.7 billion) and Marianne Liebmann ($4.7 billion) — it's the second-largest private company, according to Forbes. The richest Montanan is Dennis Washington ($6.8 billion), who owns Washington Cos., which centers on machinery and mining. Linda Pritzker isn't on the top 400 list but is a billionaire nonetheless; her father and brother sold the family business to Berkshire Hathaway in 2008, and she lives quietly and practices Tibetan Buddhism.

Philanthropist Warren Buffett
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Nebraska: 3 Billionaires

Two of Nebraska's three billionaires are in the top 400, while a third is No. 2,524 — but, hey, a billion dollars is a billion dollars. The most well-known billionaire here, and possibly in the world, is Warren Buffett ($102 billion), the eighth-richest person in the country. But he is also one of only 10 to get a Forbes philanthropy score of 5, meaning he has given away at least one-fifth of his total wealth: Forbes estimates he has given away $40 billion. The Walter Scott Jr. family ($4.2 billion) also benefited from Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway via an energy subsidiary. Scott died in September. Rounding out the list is Henry Davis ($1.1 billion), who owns Greater Omaha Packaging, one of the largest beef distributors in the country.

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Sheldon Adelson and Miriam Ochsorn
J Carter Rinaldi/Getty Images

Nevada: 17 Billionaires

Miriam Adelson ($30.4 billion) inherited billions from her late husband, Sheldon, the former chair and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Casino. Nevada added a billionaire to its ranks this year: William Foley II founded a title insurance company and recently bought the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team.

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Rocco B. Commisso
Rocco B. Commisso by Mediacom Communications Corporation (CC BY-SA)

New Jersey: 7 Billionaires

Three New Jersey billionaires claim a spot among America's wealthiest, while the other four only make the regular billionaire list. The richest is Rocco Commisso ($8.7 billion), who founded the cable company Mediacom. Next is John Overdeck ($6.5 billion), who made his fortune in hedge funds, and Peter Kellogg ($3.8 billion), who sold his brokerage firm to Goldman Sachs for a tidy profit in 2000.

Mike Bloomberg Headshot
Mike Bloomberg Headshot by Bloomberg Philanthropies (None)

New York: 126 Billionaires

New York is overflowing with billionaires, second only to California. The most recognizable name is Michael Bloomberg ($70 billion) of the Bloomberg media and financial information company. You may have also heard of heiress Valerie Mars ($8 billion) of Mars Candy company or Jane Lauder ($7.1 billion), the granddaughter of the famed Estée Lauder with her eponymous cosmetics. Lesser-known is Jane Goldman, ($2.9 billion) the only female billionaire in the United States running a real estate firm. 

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James Goodnight
James Goodnight by World Economic Forum (CC BY-SA)

North Carolina: 3 Billionaires

James Goodnight ($8.8 billion) and John Sall ($4.4 billion) made their billions through the software company SAS, which they co-founded in 1976. Tim Sweeney ($7.4 billion) co-founded the video-game company Epic, the creator of the immensely popular "Fortnite."

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San Francisco 49ers owner Denise York
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Ohio: 6 Billionaires

Just two Ohioans are among the 400 richest Americans. Les Wexner ($5.9 billion) founded L Brands, owner of retailers such as Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. Real estate scion Denise York ($4 billion) owns the majority of the San Francisco 49ers.

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Harold Hamm
Harold Hamm by David Shankbone (CC BY)

Oklahoma: 7 Billionaires

If you've ever stopped at a Love's Travel station, you have billionaires Tom and Judy Love ($9.3 billion) to thank. Oil and gas are also sources of wealth for Harold Hamm ($11.4 billion), George Kaiser ($10 billion), and Lynn Schusterman ($3.5 billion). Schusterman is the 333rd richest person in the country, but in the top 10 for Forbes' philanthropy score — she's given away at least 20% of her wealth.

Chairman of Nike Phil Knight
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Oregon: 2 Billionaires

Nike founder Phil Knight is the 14th-richest person in the United States, with one of the most iconic name brands in the country. He worked as chairman of the company for 52 years before retiring in 2016. Oregon's other billionaire is Columbia Sportswear CEO Timothy Boyle ($2.7 billion), whose grandparents started the company after fleeing Nazi Germany.

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Victoria Mars
Victoria Mars by (CC BY)

Pennsylvania: 17 Billionaires

Tied for the eighth-most billionaires, Pennsylvania has fortunes coming from a variety of sources. Co-founder of Susquehanna International Group Jeff Yass ($12 billion) is the richest in the state. Other sources of wealth include Mars candy for heiress Victoria Mars ($8 billion), soup for Campbell's largest shareholder Mary Alice Dorrance Malone ($3.6 billion), and tobacco for John Middleton ($3.4 billion).

Jonathan Nelson
Providence Equity Partners L.L.C.

Rhode Island: 1 Billionaire

The small state's lone billionaire didn't make the top 400 — he's No. 1,580. Jonathan Nelson ($2 billion) founded a private equity firm in 1989 that has invested in more than 160 companies.

Anita Zucker Medals of Honor
Noam Galai/Getty Images

South Carolina: 1 Billionaire

Since teaching often doesn't pay well, you might consider making the move to entrepreneurship. That's what Anita Zucker ($1.9 billion) and her late husband Jerry Zucker did, and the choice made them billionaires. Jerry Zucker founded the chemical company, InterTech; Anita Zucker now acts as CEO.

T. Denny Sanford
First Premier Bank

South Dakota: 1 Billionaire

T. Denny Sanford has made billions through his company, First Premier Bank. The company specializes in offering credit cards to high-risk borrowers. At first glance, this may sound like a shady way to do business, but Stanford is also one of only 10 U.S. top 400 billionaires to donate more than 20% of his wealth.

Chairman & CEO Frederick W. Smith

Tennessee: 6 Billionaires

Given the astronomical health care costs in the United States, it may not come as a surprise that there are billionaires such as Thomas Frist Jr. ($20.8 billion), who co-founded the Hospital Corp. of America. Other billionaires making the top 400 include FedEx founder Fred Smith ($5.8 billion), Pilot Flying CEO Jimmy Haslam ($3.7 billion), and casino game designer Jon Yarbrough ($3.1 billion). Then there's Martha Ingram's ($3.7 billion) odd company, Ingram Industries, a book distributor and marine transportation expert.

Elon Musk
Saul Martinez/Getty Images

Texas: 64 Billionaires

Texas has the fourth-most billionaires, the most recognizable being Elon Musk ($190.5 billion), who founded Tesla and SpaceX. He is the second-richest person in the world, second only to Amazon's Jeff Bezos. Texas is also home to Walmart heirs Alice Walton ($67.9 billion) and Ann Walton Kroenke ($9.3 billion) and, unsurprisingly, to many who have made their fortunes in oil, gas, or pipelines. For example, Richard Kinder ($7.1 billion) of Kinder Morgan, with its 84,000 miles of pipeline. 

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Scott R. Watterson

Utah: 3 Billionaires

Utah's billionaires have experience in a variety of ventures. The richest of the bunch, Matthew Prince ($4.7 billion), co-founded the cybersecurity Cloudflare. Also making the top 400 list are Scott Watterson ($3.7 billion), a fitness equipment guru, and Gail Miller ($5.3 billion), who turned one car dealership into 64 to make her billions.

Jacqueline B. Mars
Pool/Getty Images

Virginia: 9 Billionaires

Two more Mars heirs are on the list for Virginia: Jacqueline Mars ($31.8 billion) and Pamela Mars ($8 billion). Two of the three founders of the private equity firm Carlyle Group, Daniel D'Aniello ($4.6 billion) and William Conway Jr. ($4 billion) also hail from Virginia. Winnie Johnson-Marquart ($3.6 billion) is president of SC Johnson's Johnson Family Foundation.

Jeff Bezos
David Ryder/Getty Images

Washington: 21 Billionaires

Though in seventh place, Washington has two of the best-known billionaires: Jeff Bezos ($201 billion), who founded Amazon and is the richest person in the world, and is Bill Gates ($134 billion), who founded Microsoft and is third on Forbes' list of the richest Americans. One billionaire you might not have heard of: Gabe Newell ($3.9 billion), the leader of video game company Valve.

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Herbert Fisk Johnson III
Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Wisconsin: 8 Billionaires

Several SC Johnson heirs call Wisconsin home. They include Herbert Fisk Johnson ($3.6 billion), S. Curtis Johnson ($2.6 billion), and Helen Johnson-Leipold ($3.6 billion). If you're from the Midwest you've probably also heard of Menards, a home improvement chain with more than 300 stores. Its owner is John Menard Jr. ($16.6 billion). Lesser-known is Diane Hendricks ($11 billion), who chairs one of the largest roofing supply companies in America.

Joe Ricketts
Joe Ricketts by Cornstalker (CC BY-SA)

Wyoming: 5 Billionaires

Mars and Walmart strike again in Wyoming since there are so many billionaire heirs for each of these companies. John Mars ($31.8 billion) inherited in 1999 when his father, the founder of the company, died. Lukas Walton ($17.2 billion) and Christy Walton ($8.3 billion) are here too; Christy Walton married into the family. Joe Ricketts ($4.1 billion) is the final Wyoming billionaire to make the top 400, rich from online stock trading company TD Ameritrade. Hansjörg Wyss ($6 billion) is a Swiss citizen living in Wilson, Wyoming, according to Forbes. He founded a medical device company.