Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 Aircraft landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)


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Hate flying? Worse, do you hate cheap airlines that don't provide much more than a seat and access to a bathroom once you get in the air? You're not alone in that opinion. Just ask someone who works for one of these nightmare airlines. This video that TikToker posted of a Spirit Airlines flight attendant making fun of a no-frills flight caught the attention of the New York Post and has been seen almost 300,000 times. But, honestly? It never gets old. 

The flight attendant is unflinchingly honest about the flight's lack of items like blankets, charging outlets, and reclining seats — because if any of those perks were offered, they'd come at a price, of course. “No, we do not have blankets for you, because if we did, this is Spirit, and we will charge you," she says. "No, your seats do not recline. If they did, again, this is Spirit, and we will charge you.” She even invites a call-out response from the passengers, who happily yell "charge you" at her cue. 

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It's kind of refreshing when a flight attendant is willing to stand at the front of the plane to remind you your choice of airline is cheap and is probably going to suck a little. On the bright side, the laughs, bitter as they may be, are free.

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