Sonic Pickle Slush

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Sonic has brought back the pickle juice slush, which the fast-food drive-in says is one of the most frequently requested menu items on social media. You have to wonder, though, whether Sonic customers are clamoring for it or simply sharing their revulsion. 

The beverage is made with a combination of sweet and sour dill-pickle flavors, and though you may initially recoil, many fans find it refreshing and liken it to drinking a well-made margarita with a salted rim. When put that way, it doesn't sound nearly as horrifying.

The pickle juice slush is available at Sonic nationwide through Aug. 28. If you want to try it but aren't quite sure if it's worth it, you can get it for half price every day during happy hour from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., or anytime if you order through the Sonic website or app. 

The limited-time slush isn't the only pickled thing now on Sonic's menu. You can get a whole pickle-laden meal if you like, including breaded and deep-fried pickle fries and the Big Dill cheeseburger topped with pickle fries, veggies, and ranch dressing. So, if you consider yourself a sourpuss, August might be the time to head to Sonic.


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