Black Color Tesla Model S 100d Car Parked At Charging Station. The Tesla Model S Is A Full-sized All-electric Five-door, Luxury Liftback, Produced By Tesla Inc.


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Picture this: You've got 10 minutes until McDonald's is done serving breakfast and you have a serious hankering for a McGriddle. You hop in your Tesla and notice you forgot to plug it in the night before and the battery is low. Decision time. Do you give in to the call of the pancake bun with the glorious little syrup dollops or do you juice your car? 

Choose wisely or you might just end up like the poor sap who got stuck in Mickey D's drive-thru after his Tesla died. 

In the viral video, TikToker @lisamajor1053, who was caught behind the dead Tesla, explained that the car's battery was dead, and the owner couldn't put it in gear to push it out of the way. While recording the lifeless EV in front of her, the driver behind the video asked her passenger, "So, how do we get out?" Well, since your car isn't dead, you can probably throw it in reverse and scoot on out. Although, if there's a line of folks behind her, too — sheesh, that could take awhile. 

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While we're not entirely sure how the situation was resolved, Tesla doesn't have a reputation for accessible assistance, so we can only imagine how long the car must've been stuck at the window holding up the line. 

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