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To regular viewers of TikTok, it may seem there's a hack for anything life throws at you — from cooking tips to cleaning trends, the video-sharing site offers plenty of practical shortcuts and suggestions to make living easier and cheaper.

In my quest to find ways to live better for less using TikTok, I stumbled upon the "shower orange" trend that promises an invigorating spa-like shower experience. So, I tried it out to see what the fuss was about.

Though it's now making its rounds on TikTok, the orange shower trend has humbler Reddit beginnings dating back to 2015. The news discussion site's r/ShowerOrange forum has 80,000 members who swear by the pleasure experienced when you eat an orange in the shower. And that's all the trend is: peeling and eating an orange while showering, ideally in the morning.

Proponents say the combination of the orange aroma and shower steam invigorates your senses and leaves you feeling energized, motivated, and ready to take on your day.

Several TikTokkers and Redditors also note that it's neater to eat an orange while showering since you're continuously rinsing the sticky residue off your hands as you peel.

@makenzyksmith the orange in the shower phenomenon is actually so legit. 🍊🚿 #showerorange ♬ original sound - Makenzy Smith

The verdict? As someone who uses and believes in the power of essential oils, I was disappointed when I tried showering with an orange. Citrus scents have a reputation as mood enhancers, so I was moderately convinced that eating an orange in the shower would provide me with at least a subtle boost. But not much happened. It did smell good, but I didn't feel a magical surge course through my body that made me feel like I was going to have the best day of my life.

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Granted, I was in a fine mood before showering, so maybe this trend is meant for folks who are feeling a bit down before washing up. But given the number of TikTokkers and Redditors who continue to swear by the trend, I'm left with a few assumptions about my experience:

  1. The power of citrus scent in the shower is lost on me.
  2. I somehow performed the ritual incorrectly.
  3. TikTokkers and Redditors have such strong preconceived notions of what showering with an orange can do that they have convinced themselves it works.

I'm leaning toward No. 3.

Still, when compared to the amount it costs for a visit to a day spa, eating an orange in the shower is a much cheaper way to get your wellness on. 

But I have an even better idea: Next time you're tempted to shower with an orange, add a glass of champagne and make yourself a shower mimosa. It's a guaranteed good morning. You're welcome.

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