Why You Should Sell Your Used RV Right Now

RV Dealership from Road


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RV Dealership from Road

RV Could Be Your-V

As people look for ways to explore while safe from the lingering coronavirus pandemic, RVing continues to be extremely popular. But if the massive learning curve for new RVers is too much, RVing wasn't quite what you hoped, your needs have changed, or perhaps you're looking to upgrade your rig, there's good news: Now is the best time to sell your used recreational vehicle. Here's why.

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RVs Are Still in High Demand

Demand for RVs is still hot. This year is looking like the second or third best year on record for RV shipments, according to a forecast from the RV Industry Association.

This is bad news for consumers in general but good news for you if you're looking to sell. With slim pickings, used RVs have been flying off the lot, which means you can sell quickly and painlessly.

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Low Inventory Means You Can Sell for More

Supply and demand don't just work in your favor in terms of sale speed. You'll also be able to sell a rig for much more than you typically could. In some cases, you may even break even or turn a profit — something that is practically unheard of given how much depreciation RVs experience.

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Affordable Financing Is Available to Many

We keep hearing it, but it continues to be true: Interest rates may be rising but are still relatively low. This means financing options can be affordable for buyers. Most people can't buy an RV with cash, which means selling a used RV can be a challenge. Manageable interest rates that are likely to go up and easy-to-secure financing options make this the perfect time for someone to buy your RV.

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There Are Slim Picking for Campgrounds

Longtime RVers grumbled last summer about the unavailability of RV park sites. As a full-timer myself, I had to book my summer reservations back in March. In some places, you may have to book out as far as a year or more in advance. If you're like some RVers, this inconvenience might be enough to make you want to sell. 

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You Got to Enjoy Your RV All Summer

With prime RV season winding down in some areas, now is as good a time as any to sell — after all, you had all summer to enjoy using it. Typically, the end of summer is a tough time to sell, but continued demand this year means you can have your cake and eat it too.

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Selling Means Skipping the Storage Fees

Unless you have somewhere to store an RV on your own property, it has to be stored — which can cost as little as $30 a month for uncovered outdoor storage or as high as $400 a month indoors. Selling now means you don't have to shell out the money to park an RV somewhere all winter.

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You Can Avoid the Hassle of Winterizing

Not only does winter storage cost a lot, but preparing an RV for winter is a major hassle. You have to blow out the lines, add antifreeze, remove the batteries and keep them on a charger, and much more. If you sell now, you'll get a good price for your used RV and skip the hassle.