Two-tiered shopping cart

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You may have seen them at your grocery store. You may have coveted them. Or worse, you know the store has them but they never seem to be available. I'm talking about those two-level, perfect-for-single-shoppers grocery carts. You know you want one (our Facebook followers sure do) — and apparently, so do other people, enough so that more than a few of these are the focus of five-finger discounts. But why do we love them so?

Besides the fact that even filling them up, you can't go too crazy — a plus for seniors and young singles — these double-decker carts are usually a little lighter, easier to maneuver, don't clog up the aisle (we're looking at you, aisle hogs), and are awfully cute, too. Cute enough that apparently some people just load the cart (along with their hopefully paid-for groceries) into their cars before they leave. 

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One Redditor thinks their absence may be less about theft and more about grocery stores wanting you to buy more — which is easier to do with a full-sized cart. Reddit user che_palle13 warned other shoppers to limit their shopping to a smaller vessel, and stay aware of their store's "dirty tricks." And we just thought those cute little carts were hot properties.

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