Holiday Shipping

Free Holiday Shipping: How Much You Have to Spend at Your Favorite Stores

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Holiday Shipping

The Gift is in the Mail

No one likes to pay for shipping, and this holiday season, you won't have to pay at many of the most popular retailers. Some are offering free shipping on all orders, no matter how much you spend, while others have lowered their free-shipping order minimums. Here's a primer on what — if anything — you'll need to spend to avoid extra fees while stocking up on holiday gifts.

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Best Buy Price-Match Policy

Nordstrom: No Minimum

Nordstrom's gift to shoppers is free standard shipping all year round. Items typically arrive within three to six days, though shoppers can opt for expedited two-day shipping for $12 or next-day shipping for $20.

Apple Store | Fast Wi-fi For People Having Trouble With Their Expensive Laptop

Apple: No Minimum

Gifting yourself or someone else with an Apple product? Luckily, the company offers free shipping on all orders (hey, you're probably already spending enough). In many cases, shoppers actually get free two-day shipping, and iPhones are eligible for free next-day shipping.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft: No Minimum

Not to be outdone by its Silicon Valley rival, Microsoft also offers free two- to three-day shipping for most products. For express one- to two-day shipping, you'll have to pony up $17.

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Dick's Sporting Goods
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Dick's Sporting Goods: $25

Buying for that sporty someone? You'll need to spend $25 to get free shipping on most items from Dick's. Note that the store doesn't offer flat-rate shipping, so if you don't meet the $25 threshold, what you'll pay largely depends on your order's size and weight.

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Walmart: $35

Unlike big-box rival Target, Walmart hasn't said that it will be dropping its $35 minimum order for free shipping during the holidays. Still, shipping is likely to be speedy: two-day shipping is available on millions of items, and in some spots, next-day shipping is an option, too, often for just $6 if you don't hit the $35 threshold.

Barnes & Noble
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Barnes and Noble: $35

Non-members at Barnes and Noble  must spend at least $35 to receive free three- to five-day standard shipping. If you can't quite make that threshold, the good news is that shipping will only cost $5. Expedited two- to three-day shipping is $6, and 1- to 2-day shipping is a bit over $15.

Sears Price-Match Policy

Sears and Kmart: $35

Looking to support these two storied retailers that seem to be on life support? You can get free shipping on most orders $35 and above, down from the regular minimum of $59, though a 150-pound weight limit means the offer doesn't apply to bulkier buys.


GameStop: $35

Gifting a gamer? GameStop is offering free "edge shipping" — that's two to four business days — for orders over $35. Under that threshold, the cheapest option for most orders is four- to seven-day value shipping for $5. Edge shipping costs $6, and express one- to two-day shipping costs $8.

Ulta Beauty
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Ulta: $35

Beauty buffs can get free standard three- to eight-day shipping on purchases of $35 or more. Standard shipping costs just under $6 for orders that don't meet that minimum. Expedited three- to four-day shipping is just under $10, while premium two- to three-day shipping is close to $17.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond: $39

Spend over $39 and you'll snag free shipping at Bed Bath & Beyond. Otherwise, the fee is a relatively modest $6 for standard three- to six-day shipping. Upgrading to expedited shipping (two to three business days) starts at $18 regardless of order amount; express shipping (one to two days) starts at $22.

Home Depot

Home Depot: $45

If you're gifting tools or other home-improvement products, it won't be hard to spend at least $45 at Home Depot and earn free delivery. Thousands of items are eligible for free two-day delivery, and those that aren't may be covered by standard three- to five-day shipping.

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Lowe's: $45

Lowe's matches rival Home Depot with its own offer of free standard shipping for orders of $45 or more. And standard shipping is quite speedy at Lowe's, requiring only one to three business days.


Gap and Old Navy: $50

To qualify for Gap and Old Navy's five- to seven-day free shipping, you'll need to spend at least $50 this holiday season. Paying $7 will get you three- to five-day shipping on any order, no minimum. Expedited two- to three-day shipping costs $17, while next-day shipping is $22.

Kohl's Price-Match Policy

Kohl's: $50

You won't get free shipping at Kohl's unless your order amounts to at least $50. Below that threshold, you'll pay under $9 for standard three- to six-day shipping. Don't be too impatient: Opting for two-day shipping will cost close to $20 for orders up to $100, and nearly $10 for orders over that mark; next-day shipping is a painful $30 or $20, respectively.

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REI: $50

If you're buying for your favorite outdoorsy folks, you'll have to spend at least $50 to get free three- to seven-day standard shipping from REI. Otherwise, the charge is relatively reasonable $6. Upgrading to two-day shipping starts at $20, and one-day shipping starts at $28.


Sephora: $50

Sephora isn't quite as generous as rival Ulta, requiring a purchase of at least $50 for free shipping. However, shipping is faster at only three days. If you don't spend $50, the charge is just under $6. Upgrade to two-day shipping for $11 or one-day shipping for $17. If you think you'll be a repeat shopper, a Sephora FLASH subscription costs $15 for a year and gets you free two-day shipping on any order.


Macy's: $99

Unless you're a Platinum or Gold Member with Macy's, you'll be on the hook for shipping on any order up to $99. In the continental U.S., that will cost you just under $11 for standard three- to six-day delivery. Upgrading to two-day shipping costs a hefty $22 on top of that. However, if you're lucky enough to live in 30 select cities, you may be eligible for free same-day delivery on orders over $75 as Macy's tries to compete with cheaper, speedier retailers.

Costco Return Policy
Bath and Body Works
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Bath & Body Works: No Free Shipping

You're better off buying in store if you want to gift friends and family with scented lotions and bath gels. Bath & Body Works doesn't have a free shipping option no matter what you spend. Standard two- to seven-day shipping costs $6, two-day shipping costs $15 and overnight shipping is $20. Note that if your order doesn't come to at least $10, you'll pay a $4 surcharge on top of those fees.