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If you watch any of TikTok's #CleanTok videos of someone cleaning their kitchen, you're bound to see a Scrub Daddy or a Scrub Mommy. The sponges are so common in these videos that if there was a drinking game wherein players had to "drink every time someone washes their sink with a Scrub Daddy," players would be on the floor in less than 10 minutes. But, what's all the hype about, and are these sponges worth it?

What's the Difference Between Scrub Mommy and Scrub Daddy?

Aside from the fact that Scrub Mommy is pink with a bow and Scrub Daddy is bright yellow (unless you get the dye-free versions), the Scrub Mommy features two textures while Daddy is all the same material. According to its website, Scrub Daddy is made out of an engineered polymer foam material called FlexTexture, which is exclusive to the brand and was first seen on QVC and later, Shark Tank. The Scrub family matriarch features the same FlexTexture on one side and a soft, absorbent foam dubbed ResoFoam on the other. 

How Are Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy Different From Regular Sponges?

What sets the Scrub family apart from the likes of Scotch-Brite and O'Cedar is the famous FlexTexture composition. The material is made to remain firm and rigid in cold water and transform into a soft, squishy sponge in warm water. The Mother of Scrub's ResoFoam is ultra-absorbent and creates a ton of suds to boot. Plus, these sponges are — obviously — way cuter than a straightforward green or blue rectangle. Just look at those smiling faces. They also are scratch-free and odor-resistant. 

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Which Is Better? Scrub Mommy vs. Scrub Daddy

One could argue that the better Scrub parent simply depends on what you're cleaning. If you don't need a dense and sudsy sponge for the task at hand, Daddy is great. In fact, I'd say that Dad is ideal for scrubbing. Mommy, on the other hand, comes in clutch if you need to wipe after you scrub since she's got that dense, fluffy side that brings the bubbles. 

All that said, I'm just going to call this as I see it (and it's not because I'm a Mommy myself): Mom is obviously better because she offers the same texture as Dad and has a bonus side. Even if you don't need to use it, it's there. There's nothing wrong with that. 

Still, I would recommend buying both of these sponges — one to keep for cleaning and one to use for dishes. Since the ResoFoam side of Mommy is so soft and light, I like to just dirty up Dad with the dishes instead of staining Mom's foamy backside. 

Are There Any Other Members of the Scrub Family?

There's basically an entire family reunion of Scrubs in the lineup. Seriously. There are so many Scrub Daddy products that I wasn't even to nail down a comprehensive list. There are cat and dog versions of the sponges as well as cleaning solutions, pastes, wipes, grill brushes, toilet cleaners, and scouring pads — it's as though the list does not end. 

Are Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy Worth Buying?

You can score Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy for less than $4 at Walmart, and these things have an alarmingly long lifespan. I use my Scrub Mommy to clean my sink every night and I only replace her about once every six months. Definitely worth it. Parents are supposed to be reliable, after all. 

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