RV With a View: Scenic Spots to Park Across America

Liberty Harbor RV Park, Jersey City, New Jersey


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Liberty Harbor RV Park, Jersey City, New Jersey

Show-Stopping Scenery

When you're planning a trip with an RV, the sheer number of amazing places to go can feel overwhelming. The good news is that Cheapism has enlisted some of the most experienced RVers in the country to share their favorite destinations — and you'll likely find even more tapping the RV community, too. "RVers almost universally are very friendly and can't wait to share their story," says Bob Hamilton, founder of RVDream. Here are some hot spots to check out.

Camp Gulf, Destin, Florida
Camp Gulf RV Park

Camp Gulf | Destin, Florida

There's a lot to like about Camp Gulf, but for Kelly Beasley, co-founder of RV education and product review site Camp Addict, the main draw is simple. "You can park right on the beach!" she says. "No dunes in your way, no condos, nothing. Just sand between you and the water. The Emerald Coast has the most beautiful beaches in the continental United States, and Destin is a fisherman's paradise. Best time to go is in the fall when the summer crowd has left and the water is calm. It's during the fall that you will understand and appreciate why the crystal-clear water helped name the Emerald Coast." She cautions that reserving well in advance to get "a premium spot on the water" is a must.

Mountain Views at River's Edge, Creede, Colorado

Mountain Views at River's Edge | Creede, Colorado

Mountain Views at River's Edge reveals the source of its powerful draw right there in the name. Sweeping views of the San Juan Mountains are complemented with a perch on the Silver Thread Scenic and Historic Byway, which gives you direct access to one of the most stunning natural expanses in the West. You can hike it, bike it, or just admire it. Also, Creede is known as one of the most significant art towns in all of Colorado.

Hunting Island State Park, Hunting, South Carolina

Hunting Island State Park | Hunting, South Carolina

Megan Buemi, senior manager of customer experience for RV rental marketplace RVshare, believes RVers should take full advantage of the country's vast state and national park systems. RVshare dedicates a long and comprehensive page to America's top national and state parks for RVers, but Buemi has a few personal favorites, including Hunting Island State Park, an RV-friendly paradise with plenty of hookups, water, and a dumping station. Another benefit, according to Buemi, is that it "boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in South Carolina. This former hunting preserve is now a virtual wonderland of wildlife and natural beauty."

Durango RV Resort, Red Bluff, California

Durango RV Resort | Red Bluff, California

If you're looking for a rough, back-to-nature experience, you won't find it at Durango RV Resort. Fast Wi-Fi, spa services, a luxurious lodge room, and on-site activities all combine for a high-end feel that truly earns the title of "resort." Luca Sumberac, category manager at RV parts and accessories supplier CamperId.com. calls Durango "a great way to treat yourself after spending hours on the road. There's a pool, hot tub, spa and it's even dog-friendly."

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Indiana Dunes State Park, Porter, Indiana

Indiana Dunes State Park | Porter, Indiana

The sprawling beaches, white pine groves, marshes, hardwood forests and, of course, dunes that surround Lake Michigan can all be yours with a visit to Indiana Dunes State Park. Hulking ships pepper the water's horizon and birds and other wildlife are spread across all 2,182 acres, which includes more than 16 miles of trails that take you directly into their natural habitat.

Moorings Oceanfront RV Resort, Belfast, Maine
Charles D./Yelp

Moorings Oceanfront RV Resort | Belfast, Maine

Maine is one of the most gorgeous states in America, and Penobscot Bay is one of the most gorgeous spots in the state — and it will be your backdrop if you spend some time at Moorings Oceanfront RV Resort. Eight premium spots hug Maine's rugged coast, and there are also premium oceanview pull-thru sites as well as standard sites, seasonal sites, and large pull-thru sites. All are fully equipped with a range of hookups and plenty of amenities.

North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon, Arizona

North Rim Campground | Grand Canyon, Arizona

Few places on Earth are more majestic, more stunning, and more RV-friendly than North Rim Campground. The Grand Canyon draws visitors from around the world for good reason, and North Rim is the heart of it all — the reason is right there in the name. "The Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon is just a half-mile hike away," RVshare's Megan Buemi says.

Liberty Harbor RV Park, Jersey City, New Jersey

Liberty Harbor RV Park | Jersey City, New Jersey

Back on the East Coast, there's Liberty Harbor RV Park, which is perched just 15 minutes from America's biggest city for what the park calls "an urban camping experience." Hot showers, water, electricity, and an on-premises restaurant and bar make the experience comfy and enjoyable. For RVshare's Megan Buemi, however, it's all about the sights. "It's close to New York City with views of the Manhattan Skyline and Statue of Liberty," she says.

Redwood National Park, Crescent City, California

Redwood National Park | Crescent City, California

One of CamperId.com's Luca Sumberac's favorites is on the other side of the continent from the Statue of Liberty. "Redwood National Park is a relaxing spot with beautiful scenery and redwood trees," he says. Those redwoods Sumberac speaks of are the tallest trees on Earth, and the forest that they occupy looks otherworldly, especially when you factor in the rugged beauty of its wild rivers and 40 miles of coastline.

Badlands Cedar Pass Lodge, Interior, South Dakota

Badlands Cedar Pass Lodge | Interior, South Dakota

Badlands National Park is a moonscape of vertical rock walls and soaring spires spread across vast expanses of grasslands, and Cedar Pass Lodge is your ticket to the heart of it all. The rugged wilderness is home to an entire ecosystem of plants and animals that are unique to the region. Amenities are fairly sparse, but water and pay showers are nearby. If you're looking for a truly rustic Western experience, it's hard to compete with Badlands Cedar Pass.

Campgrounds at Barnes Crossing, Tupelo, Mississippi

Campgrounds at Barnes Crossing | Tupelo, Mississippi

Get the best of both worlds at the Campgrounds at Barnes Crossing, where thick, dense, Mississippi forests provide all the scenery you'd expect from a secluded spot in the woods of the Deep South. On the other hand, those woods are just outside of Tupelo and minutes from the hustle and bustle of Natchez and a half-mile from more than 30 shops and restaurants.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Yellowstone National Park | Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Arguably the most famous and dynamic stretch of natural wilderness in the entire world, Yellowstone National Park is an outdoor enthusiast's heaven. "If you're interested in checking out wildlife and getting away from the RV for a bit on a hike or bike ride," CamperId's Luca Sumberac says, "Yellowstone National Park is a great place to check out."

The Shady Dell RV Park, Bisbee, Arizona

The Shady Dell RV Park | Bisbee, Arizona

One of the most unique RV parks in America, The Shady Dell offers visitors two options. You can bring your own RV and park it yourself or you can just show up and rent one of their amazingly awesome vintage motorhomes, each of which has been refurbished and decked out with furnishings and decor that match the era and period from when they were on the road. The views and ambiance compete with anything in the Southwest at this one-of-a-kind park, which has been offering rest to weary travelers on historic Highway 80 since 1927.

Boyd's Key West Campground, Key West, Florida

Boyd's Key West Campground | Key West, Florida

Near the end of the overseas highway that is U.S. 1, just five mile markers from the southernmost point in the continental United States, lies Boyd's Key West Campground. RVers have a strong menu of options ranging from "inland primitive" to "open waterfront view." The campground opened in 1963 and for more than half a century has boasted some of the finest views in Key West, America's toehold in the Caribbean tropics.

River's Edge Resort, Fairbanks, Alaska

River's Edge Resort | Fairbanks, Alaska

River's Edge Resort promises that you'll "experience authentic Alaska." Although the secret is out in terms of Fairbanks being one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on Earth, a lot of RVers might not know that it's surprisingly hard to find an RV park there that isn't private. River's Edge has emerged as of the top RV spots in Fairbanks and perhaps all of Alaska, according to online reviews. Situated on the banks of the beautiful Chena River, the resort is a postcard of icy blue water, towering birch trees, and endless skies. Packed with amenities and even its own full-service restaurant, the park is as convenient as it is scenic.

Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park by Diana Robinson (None)

Big Bend National Park | Southwest Texas

The National Park Service operates dozens of sites spread across three developed campgrounds at Big Bend State Park. Skies painted with a galaxy of stars will be your nighttime ceiling, and you'll spend your days exploring or just admiring everything that makes the Southwest such a sight to see, including the soaring Chisos Mountains, the open Chihuahuan Desert, and a network of rivers anchored by the mighty Rio Grande.

Cove Lake Recreation Area, Ozark-St. Francis National Forests, Arkansas
Nargiz K./Yelp

Cove Lake Recreation Area | Ozark-St. Francis National Forests, Arkansas

The Ozark Mountains are the highest range east of the Rockies and west of the Appalachians — and Cove Lake Recreation Area is situated on the highest point in Arkansas, 2,753 feet above sea level. The Ozarks are the outdoor playground of the Midwest for a reason, and the uniquely different but singularly managed Ozark and St. Francis National Forests are in the rugged and wild heart of it all.

Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

Sawtooth National Forest | Idaho

More than a dozen RV parks are yours for the taking at Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho. The landscape is vast and varied, with endless wildflower fields bumping up against the majestic Smoky Mountains on the west side of the roaring Wood River. Trail systems wind throughout, and the available outdoor activities are too many to name. Along the way, you'll meet the area's unique wildlife, including the protected sage grouse.

South Beach Campground, Olympic National Park, Washington

South Beach Campground | Olympic National Park, Washington

Few places in America are teeming with more life and natural splendor than Washington's Olympic Shore. From tiny protected birds to massive, lumbering bears, Olympic National Park is one of the most vibrant habitats in the West, and in terms of pure beauty, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to park than South Beach Campground. Perched high on a bluff, the camp's sweeping, panoramic views of the Pacific aren't just a tease — the camp offers direct beach access.