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From mail-order pharmacies to online grocery shopping, delivery services have infiltrated almost every aspect of our retail experience. Aside from a handful of stores — ahem, Trader Joe's, we're looking at you — the vast majority of national retailers and grocery chains offer some form of delivery service. Walmart-owned Sam's Club is no exception, and with the recent launch of its same-day delivery service, members can now make dinner with ingredients ordered that day. Here's what you need to know about Sam's Club delivery, from ordering through the app to delivery fees.

Same-Day Delivery

Sam's Club debuted its own same-day delivery option, available exclusively to Sam's Club members, in September. Orders are placed on the retailer's website or app, and customers can choose a delivery window and the option to either greet the driver or have contactless delivery. While same-day delivery is still rolling out across the country, most homes within an 11-mile radius of a Sam's Club are eligible for the service. One thing to keep in mind: Customers need to order by 2 p.m. to get shipments that same day.

Same-Day Delivery Fees

What does the luxury of same-day delivery from Sam's Club cost? It's $12 for Club members and $8 for Plus members; Sam's Club says the delivery fees go toward covering the cost of delivery drivers. As for the actual price of items, members pay the same in-store prices during delivery as when buying at the store. There are no minimum-order requirements for same-day delivery.

Doesn't Instacart Already Offer Same-Day Delivery From Sam's Club?

It does! While Sam's Club launched its own same-day delivery option, shoppers were previously able to order same-day groceries from Sam's Club via Instacart — without even having to be a member. The catch? Delivery prices are higher through Instacart, as are the prices on individual items. For example, a 5-pound bag of apples ordered for same-day delivery on the Sam's Club website costs around $6 with a $12 delivery fee; that same bag on Instacart costs more than $7 with a $13 delivery fee for orders under $35. Instacart also requires a $10 minimum before orders are eligible for delivery.

How Do Instant Savings Apply to Delivery?

Sam's Club members know to look out for Instant Savings, the program that offers extra discounts on select items. Thankfully, same-day delivery features Instant Savings, with deals applied when orders are placed. The same can't be said for Cash Rewards, a feature enjoyed by Plus members: Same-day delivery orders don't qualify for Cash Rewards.

Other Delivery Options

Not every order demands same-day delivery. Sam's Club also offers delivery through a variety of shipping options: Express (one to two business days), Premium (two to three business days), Standard (three to five business days), and Value (five to nine business days). Depending on your membership status, shipping costs will vary. Plus members get free shipping on eligible items without a minimum purchase, while Club members and their guests have to pay for shipping on most purchases. Shipping costs are determined by size, weight, shipping method, and delivery address.

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