Group Of Friends Organizing New Year's Party In Front Of Their Camper Trailer

Quick and Easy DIY Crafts to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

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Group Of Friends Organizing New Year's Party In Front Of Their Camper Trailer

Make it Yours

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RVing is all about making the most of the journey as well as enjoying your destination. And one surefire way to ensure the trip is as memorable as the stops along the way is to travel in a well-decorated, homey rig. But, you still need to save some of your money for adventure (and gas!).

That's why DIY RV home decor is so popular amongst travel trailer and motorhome owners. You can make some really amazing additions to your RV’s interior design with just a few bucks and a couple of hours of crafting. 

Here are some of our very favorite crafts to enhance your RV's atmosphere. From hanging planters to mason jar nightlights, you'll be shocked at how quickly and easily these adorable designs come together.

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Close up of rope-hanging potted plans in front of a while wall

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

Just like at home, having a few well-placed ferns and greenery in your rig can make it more inviting, and even improve air quality. There are plenty of plants that fare well in low-light scenarios, and adding a few to your RV's interior can help you feel at home as well as breathe more easily. Of course, if you have tabletop plants, they're liable to slip and slide when you're underway — which is why we love the idea of creating homemade macrame plant hangers.

It's surprisingly simple to put together a good-looking plant hanger, and the materials you need are cheap. With just a few pieces of cotton cord and a brass ring, you'll have a beautiful planter set up in no time. We love the simple-to-follow tutorial video embedded above, but you can also check out a step-by-step written tutorial here.

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Lights in old retro style lantern with sparkling bokeh lights

Mason Jar Crafts Worth Trying

Mason jars have a reputation as the hipster drinking vessel of choice, but they're also useful for a variety of fun DIY camper decor. In fact, there are more than 30 fun and easy crafts you can do with mason jars — and that's just according to one of the many lists of DIY mason jar projects on the internet.

One of our very favorite ways to repurpose mason jars for decorative purposes is to simply coil a string of fairy lights inside one and use it as a desk lamp or nightlight. It's a charming, low-energy way to illuminate the inside of your camper, and it brings that rustic-chic feel to any RV interior.

Battery-operated fairy lights work well for campers, especially if you're boondocking and trying to avoid using the house electricity. They'll also keep you from having a dangling string running from your mason jar light to the nearest outlet — although that can be pretty, too, depending on your placement.

Beautiful jar with live forest with self ecosystem, terrarium, forest in a jar

Endless Creativity With Mason Jars

You can also make mason jars into terrariums, hanging planters, vases, and more. Or, of course, you could use them for their original purpose: to actually can your own food items, or at least store dry goods. Buying things like rice and nuts in bulk is one of the best ways to avoid food waste while also enjoying fresh, healthy meals on the road, and mason jars make amazing reusable food storage containers.

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Iced tea
Cork planter with magnet

Wine Cork Crafts That Justify That Spent Bottle

Let’s face it: at the end of a long day of driving, there's nothing quite like a nice glass of wine to help you wind down. But if you find yourself amassing spent corks and bottles, don't just toss 'em — even into the recycling bin. There are plenty of cute crafts and DIY home projects you can do with the "evidence."

Corks are especially useful, and can be used for a huge variety of DIY decor projects from creating mini succulent planters to crafting a fun and useful jewelry organizer. This idea is an especially camper-friendly one, given the space limitations of even the most generous travel trailers and motorhomes. 

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Abstract image of game of tic-tac-toe from on white background

A Piece of Fun

Corks can also be repurposed into fun tic-tac-toe pieces, which is great for rainy days on multiple levels. Not only will you and the kids enjoy creating the pieces in the first place, but you'll then have something you can use in the future when Mother Nature dashes your otherwise-carefully-laid plans. Win-win!

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Pastel inspiration

Bottled Up

Wine bottles can be used for a variety of DIY decor options, from simply repurposing the bottle as is for a vase or using one of those fun melting drip candles to make it into a colorful art object. But we've also seen people get a whole lot more creative, making mini gardens or hanging lamps

You can also turn them into fun bird feeders, or get real meta and flatten it to make it into a charcuterie board! (Hey, you know you’re going to drink more wine, and the best thing to pair it with is definitely cheese and salami. And then… you’ll have even more bottles to use in the future!)

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Making pressed flowers frames

Looking for Even More Fun DIY Crafts?

Crafting is a fun way to take ownership of your RV's interior design scheme while saving money and finding a fun way to pass a few hours all at the same time. Crafts are as fun for adults as they are for kids, and it’s always rewarding to look around your camper and see decor items you've actually spent time and energy making!

There are plenty of other cool crafts to consider for your RV, from DIY wall art (turn that paint-by-numbers project into bathroom decor!) to clever storage solutions that combine thriftiness of both money and space.

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Modern Camper With a Remodeled Interior
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Home Is Where You Craft It

By the way, all of these crafts can be implemented in your sticks-and-bricks home, too — which may be important to you if you don't actually have an RV yet!

Before you take the plunge, try renting a rig to see if the lifestyle is for you. Until then, keep these DIY crafts stored away in a mental file folder, or try your hand at them in your own house!

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