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39 Easy RV Hacks: Awesome Tips to Improve Your RVing

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RV Tricks of the Trade

What a mess. Another plate broke. 

Whether you are relocating or settling in for a summer at your favorite RV park, there are things you can do to make your life easier, cleaner, and happier overall. Many of these tricks were learned the hard way, through trial and error. What if, instead of learning from your mistakes, you can pick up these simple RV hacks?

Check out 39 tips and tricks that are RVshare favorites. Print them or commit them to memory, then share them with other RVers to make their life easier, as well.

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This article originally appeared on RVshare.com and was syndicated by Cheapism.com.

Cosmos Koozies
Mesh Sleeve over Wine Bottles
Collapsible Trash Bin
Clothespin Securing Chip Bag

#4 Clothespins Aren't Just for Clothes

Most people realize the benefit of keeping duct tape in their rig, but what about clothespins? They can be used for laundry, chip clips, and securing the trash bags.


#5 You Can't Have Enough Clothesline

For that matter, keep some clothesline handy as well. You can use it to assist with laundry, hang wet towels and swim suits, and tie cabinets closed when in transit.

Bungee Cord Securing Tarp

#6 Loop It Up and Lock It Down

Another option to keep cabinets closed, while traveling, is to secure them with bungee straps. The loops with a ball end are useful for cabinet doors, and ones with hooks on the ends are great for drawer handles.

Dry-Erase Board
Raymond Kasprzak/shutterstock

#7 Keep Your Lists, and Check Them Twice

Dry erase boards have many uses. Magnetic ones can be hung on the refrigerator. Along with emergency information, you can post a checklist of things to do before heading out, a grocery list, or the Wi-Fi password.

Badge Clips
Shower Rod

#9 Secure the Goods

Hold bath products in place with an adhesive towel rod. Secure the rod on the wall just above the shelf ledge, or a few inches above the ground if your shower lacks ledges. Then, place shampoo and other toiletries between the rod and the wall to prevent them sliding around in the bathroom while on the move!

Bar of Soap

#10 Make a No-Nonsense Soap Holder

Use pantyhose to tie a bar of soap to the water spigot. This makes hand washing easy. Slide the bar of soap down to the foot of the pantyhose, and use the remaining fabric to tie onto the water pipe. No more slipping, sliding, or forgetting your soap!

Hanging Shoe Organizer

#11 No Bedside Table? No Problem

Create easy bed storage with a cut-up shoe organizer.  Those convenient little pockets can hold just about anything, and affixed to a bed frame provide handy storage for everything from television remotes to reading glasses.

Shower Storage
Camping World

#12 Trade Shoes for Shower Products

They can also be used for shower storage.

Spice Gripper Clasps

#13 Spice Up Your Storage Options

Keep electrical adapters organized by mounting them. Consider spice rack cabinet strips for multiuse mounts.

Square Plastic Container of Pasta
Large Ziploc Container - Amazon

#16 Velcro Is Always Very Useful

Hold blackout curtains where you want them, with Velcro.

Dry Food Container

#17 Reuse What You Already Have

 Create a wastebasket out of a dry food container. It's the perfect size for a small space like the bathroom.

Glad Press n' Seal

#18 Create a No-Spill Seal

Keep things clean by using Press n’ Seal to turn a regular cup into a travel cup.

Shower Caddy – Amazon

#19 Use a Caddy for Toys and Crafts

Use shower caddies with suction cups, to hold and organize activities for the kids, while on road trips. You can easily affix them to a window, and many will stick to multiple surfaces.

Thermal Paste Syringe

#20 A New Take on a Glue Gun

Get into tight spots and fix warped veneer with a glue-filled syringe

Vinyl Plank Flooring
U. J. Alexander/istockphoto

#21 Flooring It in Style

Replace current floors with vinyl plank flooring. Pre-glued, and waterproof, they are easy to install.

Fabric, Buttons, and Scissors

#22 Refreshed Furniture – It's a Wrap!

If you don’t like to sew, use this method to re-upholster your RV cushions.

If you can wrap a present, you can reupholster your furniture.


#23 Light Up Your Rig

These IKEA LED lights will run on a camper’s 12-Volt system.

See how to do it here.

Floor Mat
Painting Light Switch

#25 Spray Your Way to a Quick RV Facelift

Makeover your RV by sprucing up the plastic parts, faded by the sun, with a bit of spray paint.

Flea Collars

#27 Put a Collar on Bothersome Pests

Propane attracts wasps. Place cut up flea collars in compartments to avoid wasp infestations.

Irish Spring Soap

#29 Flies Be Gone

Keep flies away by wiping down awnings, tables, and counters with a 50/50 solution of Pine-Sol and water.

Non-Slip Liner

#30 Don't Slip Up

Use non-slip liners to line drawers and shelves. This keeps items in place when traveling.

Shaker Container
Hang Curtains with Command Hooks
Bubble Wrap Windows
Joan Manel Moreno/istockphoto
Vent Cushion
Camping World

#34 Cover Your Vents

A vent cushion is a great way to reduce heat loss.

Paracord – Amazon

#35 Paracord Is Great for Light Lifts

Make awning track hangers for lights and tarps from paracord.

See how to do it here.

Wifi Booster

#36 Stay Connected While Camping

Although many campgrounds provide wireless Internet, the signal is not always strong. Improve the Wi-Fi reception in your RV with a booster.

Condiment Packets
Pool Noodles – Amazon
Clothes Hanging Rack

#39 Make More Use Out of the Shower

You can hang your clothes while they’re damp, if you place a suspension rod in the shower.

RV Kitchen

In Conclusion

Ensure your glassware doesn’t break. Get the most out of your storage. Keep your home-on-wheels free from pests. Simple tricks like these take all of the guesswork out of enjoying your motorhome. Try them yourself, and do your friends and family members a favor, by sharing with them. Many of these clever RV hacks are so useful, your friends will thank you, even if they don’t travel.

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This article originally appeared on RVshare.com and was syndicated by Cheapism.com.