roku and doordash deploy shoppable ads


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Because ordering food through an app or website on your smartphone apparently is no longer easy enough, Roku and DoorDash have joined forces to deploy "shoppable ads" that allow you to order food with the help of your TV. Wendy's is the first company to buy the ads, which run through March 12, making Frosties and Baconators available to Roku users with the aim of their remotes.

The ads appear on the Roku app's homepage and also pop up during programming, so when users are watching their favorite shows and thinking about how good a burger and fries would be, they might get that "someone must be watching me" feeling when an ad for Wendy's pops up, prompting them to place an order for delivery.

To order food, users can either scan a QR code on the TV screen with a smartphone or enter a phone number with a Roku remote, which sends a link to their mobile device leading to a DoorDash ordering page.

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We know what you're probably thinking: "How is that any easier than manually accessing the DoorDash app through my phone?" Well, if you ask us, it doesn't seem like it's all that different. The technology seems to be less about providing convenience for users who may have been already planning to order food and more about enticing viewers who have grumbling bellies.

Still, the feature comes with special offers for those interested in giving it a try. Wendy's is offering exclusive deals and discounts with Roku, including $5 off a $15 order. Plus, Roku users who haven't enrolled in a trial or held a DashPass subscription within the last six months can score a free six-month membership — a service that usually costs $10 a month, so anyone who opts in gets $60 worth of free delivery.

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