7 Retailers Slashing Prices to Entice Customers With Inflation 'Price Fatigue'

7 Retailers Slashing Prices to Entice Customers With Inflation 'Price Fatigue'

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7 Retailers Slashing Prices to Entice Customers With Inflation 'Price Fatigue'
Cheapism; jetcityimage/istockphoto; Andrei Stanescu/istockphoto; bgwalker/istockphoto

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Remember the good old days when grocery shopping was exhausting because your kids knocked things off the shelves and nagged you for every other snack they spotted? Those were pre-inflationary problems. These days, completing the weekly grocery get has us weary because it feels like we're getting karate chopped in the throat every time we're told the total after that final scan. Some retailers are starting to cut their prices back to give shoppers a break from their inflation-induced price fatigue, from Aldi to Walmart.  

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1. Aldi

As if we needed a reason to love Aldi more than we already do. The already-affordable (compared to its competitors) grocer has committed to cutting prices on more than 250 items from picnic supplies to snacks and healthy foods. The campaign aims to save customers $100 million through Labor Day. The grocer, which has stores across 39 states, says the reason for the price cuts is to help customers save money amid "persistent inflation." Bless you, Awesome Aldi. 

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Giant Food Stores Scranton, PA
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2. Giant Food

If you're in the area of D.C., Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, you might shop at Giant Food. The regional grocery store has 167 locations among its South Atlantic span, and it's buckling down on lowering prices for hundreds of its private-label food brands. To sweeten the pot, Giant Food is also expanding its loyalty program, Flexible Rewards, allowing shoppers to earn double points for every dollar they spend on those private-label brands — you know, the ones with the newly lowered prices.  

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Ikea Furniture Retail Store

3. Ikea

For the third time in a year, Ikea has plans to lower prices to soften the blow of inflation for its shoppers. The retailer leveled with its customers, noting that the cost of transportation and raw materials has gone down, so their retail prices will drop as a reflection. While the specific price cuts differ by country, consumers can expect to see lower prices on thousands of products across the 53 Ikea stores in the U.S.

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4. Michaels

Michaels has spread its crafty wings to 49 states (Hawaii is the only odd man out) and now those shoppers can embrace their creative sides for lower prices — take that, Joann! The arts-and-crafts chain is dropping the prices of more than 5,000 items from home decor to art supplies. 

Walmart in Pittsburgh Suburb

5. Walmart

The realm of rollbacks is at it again with plans to slash prices across the board, from home goods to groceries. Walmart's rollback program was up 45% year over year in April, and the world's largest retailer also recently introduced a new premium private-label grocery brand that boasts flashy low prices to bite back against inflation. 

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6. Target

It was the "Ohh boy" heard around the nation when Target entered the ring of retailers slashing their prices as a big nose-thumb to inflation. The retailer has already cut the prices on 1,500 of its everyday items, from paper towels to milk — and they're not stopping there. The store has plans to cut prices on around 5,000 items total, which should save consumers millions over the summer.


7. Amazon

There was no world in which Amazon was going to sit back and watch the likes of Walmart and Target cut their prices without joining in the fun. Following suit, Amazon Fresh is promising discounts on thousands of items, and customers can plan to save up to 30% every day on more than 4,000 items in-store and online. To keep things (Amazon) fresh, the retailer will rotate the discounts weekly.