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Don't slam your items on the counter in a huff. Do hang up the phone before heading to checkout. Don't take your bad day out on the cashier during your retail therapy session. It's simple: If you want good customer service, be a good customer.  For those customers who can't quite grasp this straightforward concept, TikTok user @mirandadavidso shares the perfect way to slice them a heaping piece of humble pie in a viral video.

The TikToker shared that if a middle-aged customer was rude to her, she would ask for their senior's card so she could apply the store's senior discount — even though many only looked to be about 40 years old. That's a sure-to-shut-you-up slap in the face if we ever heard one. It's subtly petty and we're here for it. 

Commenters were quick to add their own tactics. For retail associates dealing with rude customers who actually aresenior citizens, if they ask, "Do you need to see my senior's card," one commenter said they respond with: "No, it's fine, I can tell." You could also hit them with a "have the day you deserve" as they leave, as another comment suggests.

At the end of the day, retail associates work in stores, not daycare centers. They didn't sign up to deal with an "I didn't get my way"-induced temper tantrum or a snotty attitude, so for those of you prone to moodiness when shopping: Keep your inner "Karen" in check the next time you checkout

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