Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut by Frank Vincentz (CC BY-SA)

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There are many things I could think to do with $500. This is not one of them. But hey, the cool kids are into '90s nostalgia and thus, a Pizza Hut replica hanging lamp shade complete with red-and-white checkerboard tiles is available for $495. You're welcome?

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This replica could pass for the real thing if you want to regale your drinking buddies with a fake story about stealing light fixtures from your neighborhood pizza place in the early aughts. According to the seller, the "t" in Pizza Hut is properly crossed, which isn't a detail that poor-quality fakes get right. So, if you're in the market for one of these, keep that detail in mind. There is, shockingly, something that can make these lamps look worse.

And of course someone on TikTok has one of these:

If you aren't a Pizza Hut fan, never fear. An equally tacky Applebee's shade is available for just $396. Best of all, both lamps come with free shipping, which may temper the sting of spending this much money to make the inside of your home resemble a family-friendly restaurant from 20 years ago. 

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