’Putrid,‘ ’Horrible,’ ‘Disgusting’: Redditors Share the Worst Foods They've Bought at Costco

Costco Wholesale building in West Palm Beach, FL, USA


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Take one look at TikTok or Reddit and you'll see how beloved Costco is by most Americans. Whether it's a bulk item or something you never knew you needed until you stepped foot in a warehouse, Costco products — and the store itself — have generated cult-like followings. However, the store doesn't always get it right. Reddit reviewers didn't hold back when naming the worst foods that Costco offers.

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Don Miguel Breakfast Burritos
Don Miguel

Don Miguel Breakfast Burritos

Redditors claim these burritos are “the worst” and that the exact item is sold at gas stations. “I just had to slather in so much hot sauce it tasted like I was just eating some kind of sponge soaked in Cholula,” comments one user. While some members thanked the poster for the tip, one person said their son loves them and eats them for breakfast most mornings, so take this advice with a grain of salt (or, should we say, salsa).

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Grande Chicken Enchiladas
Real Good Foods

Realgood Foods Chicken Enchiladas

A Redditor calls this dish “the worst thing I've ever purchased at Costco.” Other commenters use words ranging from “putrid” to “cardboard.” “Those were the most disgusting thing I've ever purchased at Costco. The outside wrap tasted like cardboard. Really, like cardboard. They were awful,” laments one user. Still, some reviewers think the dish is fine — once it's smothered in everything from cheese to hot sauce to sour cream.

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Snapdragon Thai Red Curry

Snapdragon Thai Red Curry

A commenter calls this microwave meal “severely disappointing,” and another says they could not palate this. A number of Redditors agree, saying that the curry has an odd taste and texture. “Horrible. Would not recommend,” writes one Redditor.

Costco Sushi
Costco Sushi by Alex.W (CC BY-NC-ND)

Sushi Party Tray

Over 100 Redditors had something to say about the Costco sushi tray. Complaints range from calling the rice dry and mealy, to saying they tossed the whole thing in the trash. "I love that Costco mostly sells really good quality items. But that stuff is garbage," comments a reviewer. Another Redditor says that if you dare to buy this, “Go ahead and get some toilet paper, nausea meds and Gatorade too.” The takeaway: Don't ever try to save money on sushi.

Global Gourmet Hot Sauce Collection

Global Gourmet Hot Sauce Collection

This item is in and out of stores (and we found it readily available on eBay), but Redditors say to ignore it if you see it. The reason? All 12 sauces taste basically the same (think watered-down tabasco), and none are particularly hot. One commenter says the sauces tasted like garbage. “It's hard to find stuff that is this bad....but every time I use one I feel like walking into traffic,” says a Redditor. We'll pass. 

Costco Beef Stroganoff
Reddit / u/PlantZenGuy

Heritage Beef Stroganoff

In a popular thread on /r/Costoco, Redditor PlantZenGuy described the Heritgage Beef Stroganoff as "disgusting" and said: "What was shocking was how BLAND and flavorless it was. I didn’t see any onions or mushrooms. The diced beef steak pieces were beyond tiny. I was absolutely shocked that this product even made it on the shelves at Costco. It wasn’t cheap either. A two pack cost $16.99 and each pouch was dinky. Avoid like the plague!"