Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Shrimp

Red Lobster

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As a self-proclaimed "seafood snob," I don't venture to Red Lobster very often. If I'm going to eat seafood, I prefer it to be fresh, and I don't really get that vibe from a fast-casual chain restaurant in the middle of Michigan. 

Still, on occasion, the pull of endless shrimp at the good ol' Red Lob has sucked my family in (mostly so my husband and teenage son can turn the feast into their own personal Olympic eating event). While such an endeavor used to be left to chance since the restaurant only offered endless shrimp on occasion, Red Lobster just announced its $20 ultimate endless shrimp, promising refillable shrimp dishes every day, permanently (or, you know, until it loses too much money and does away with it). 

In discussing the announcement with my coworkers, there was talk of heading in to sample all of the varieties that endless shrimp touts (stay tuned for that) — garlic shrimp scampi, coconut shrimp, shrimp linguine alfredo, fried shrimp, and garlic grilled shrimp skewers. While one of us opted out due to a shellfish allergy, a TikTok user with the same allergy put her life on the line to participate. 

TikToker @smoresleelynn, posted a video of her friend (see below) eagerly awaiting her chance to order endless shrimp despite the seemingly inevitable anaphylactic shock. She steadfastly declared that it was worth it for the shrimp. While we can see risking it all for the biscuit (cheddar bay biscuits, obviously), we're not as convinced Red Lobster's shrimp is a delicacy worth dying over.

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Another Twitter user, @benedictsred, noted that he'd opt for the never-ending shrimp if he were being executed. That's a lot of death being discussed around endless shrimp ... 

Others, however, are not nearly as excited to die by shrimp. Twitter user @JesseKellyDC lamented that offering the once irregular menu item as a regular thing makes it less special. While we don't necessarily equate the chain's cheap shrimp to the warm and fuzzy wonderfulness that is Christmas, we can see Kelly's point.

Still, this is an obvious chance to capitalize upon the meal deal. Just don't eat all day before heading to Red Lobster, do stuff biscuits in your purse so you don't fill-up on those bad boys, and go to town. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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