26 Reasons Not to Buy a Sports Car, According to Experts and Owners

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White Ferrari
Where to Drive a Pricey Sports Car
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Owning a Sports Car Can Be an Emotional Ride

“Given the emotional attachment that people have to their sports cars, the ownership journey can be riddled with highs and lows,” says Ivan Drury, Edmunds’ Director of Insights. If you’re not prepared for the frustration that inevitably comes with being a sports car owner, you may want to opt-out. 

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The Noise Can Sometimes Be a Downer

“While hearing the motor pipe's loud sound through the exhaust can bring a smile to your face when you're driving down an open stretch of road, having that loud exhaust firing up in the garage potentially waking up your spouse, children, pets or neighbors isn't nearly as exciting,” Drury adds. In some cases, the noise might even set off the alarms of any cars parked nearby. Noise violations may even be illegal in certain locations. 

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Sports Cars Are Expensive

To state the obvious, most sports cars have a high upfront cost. Henry T. Hawkins, an automotive engineer and author of Car Care Manual, a blog that helps car owners to care for and fix their cars warns that the upfront cost is just the start. “They often require higher ongoing maintenance costs due to their performance-oriented parts and labor requirements,” says Hawkins. 

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Fuel Costs Will Be Higher

“The biggest reason not to own a sports car is fuel consumption. Sport cars consume much more fuel than typical ones, sometimes even two times more, especially if you like to drive a bit faster as I do,” says Petar Dzaja, the proud owner of a VW Passat R36 (2007) and owner of Car Detailing Planet

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Parts Wear Out More Quickly

Another downside to owning a sports car is that suspension parts, brakes, and tires don't last as long compared to other vehicles, especially if you drive them often, says Dzaja. “You always need to buy top-notch parts if you want the best handling and driving experience.”

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Tires Need to Be Replaced More Often

“As a tire expert, I can tell you that sports cars burn through tires quickly, especially if you race your car or frequently do burnouts. I mean who owns a sports car and doesn’t do that stuff?” says Jim Trevors, founder, and CEO of We Review Tires.

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Upkeep Can Be Painstaking

“Every nick or scratch that you get on the vehicle takes its toll and spending excessive amounts of time cleaning the interior and exterior or using high-end waxes and sealants is another expense to consider,” says Drury.

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Minor Service Is Needed on a Regular Basis

Not only is paying for vehicle maintenance an added expense but if your sports car is in the shop a lot that means you aren’t driving it. That is a major downfall of sports cars according to Dzaja. “Things get even more expensive when doing minor services because you need to do them pretty often if you drive often or even daily,” he adds. “Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy driving it, the driving experience and my satisfaction beats all the drawbacks that I mentioned, but people need to know that it's not all milk and honey.”

Insurance Companies

Insurance Is Often More Expensive

The added high-performance engines, increased horsepower, and higher price tags of sports cars means that car insurance companies are less eager to insure them. Insurance companies speculate that the boosted performance power and a driver's temptation to tap into that extra power increases the potential risk for an accident, says licensed car insurance agent Ross Martin of insurance comparison engine, The Zebra

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Modifications Could Void Warranties or Impact Safety

Sports car purchases are often seen as an extension of a driver's personality, which could lead many down the slippery slope of vehicle modifications, says Drury. This could void warranties or even fail safety or emissions tests and checks. If that happens, your brand-new baby could be illegal to drive.

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Sports Cars Can Be Less Safe

“Although modern sports cars come with improved safety features, they are still not as safe as other vehicles on the road due to their lighter weight and higher power outputs,” says Hawkins. As Drury mentioned, modifications and driving style and speed can also impact safety leading to potentially fatal accidents.


Parts Can Be Challenging to Find

Because of their performance-oriented parts, it can be harder and more expensive to find parts or repair a sports car compared to a regular vehicle, Hawkins shares. Additionally, many mechanics may not have the experience or knowledge to properly service these vehicles which could lead to more problems in the future, he adds.

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Ride Quality Is Not Always the Best

Generally, sports cars are very low to the ground. Although this helps with handling there is a downside in that there's not a lot of vertical wheel travel available and you end up with a compromised ride quality, says Drury. Not something most people would expect out of an expensive sports car.  Drury goes on to add that, a low front end is far more susceptible to damage from objects, and going up certain driveways can be a hassle if not impossible. Low-ride heights also make trips to your favorite fast-food restaurant drive-through quite the chore, when you're not just reaching out, you're reaching out and up.

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There Can Be Visibility Limitations

Sports cars often come with limited visibility because of the low seating position and sloping rear windows. According to Hawkins, this can sometimes make them difficult to drive in certain situations such as backing up or parallel parking.

Porsche Boxster Spyder en el Salón de París 2010
Porsche Boxster Spyder en el Salón de París 2010 by David Villarreal Fernández (CC BY-SA)

Cargo Space Is Limited

If your sports car is a daily driver, you may soon find yourself annoyed with the limited cargo space. “Due to the increase in vehicle rigidity and stiffness, many sports cars have additional bracing in the cargo areas. Therefore, grocery runs become an issue when you're trying to fit more than a few bags in there,” says Drury.

Alfa Romeo 4C
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Seating Can Be Uncomfortable

Similar to the cargo space issue, sports cars don't fit people of all shapes and sizes, says Drury. “They often have cramped interiors with narrow seats. Couple that with the low ride height and you can find getting in and out of the vehicle more like a gymnastics event.”

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Limited Seating Capacity

Due to their small size, sports cars tend to have limited seating capacity, says Hawkins. This means they are not ideal if you need to transport more than two people.

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You May Be More Likely to Get Pulled Over

“It’s no secret that sports cars attract attention and sometimes the wrong attention,” says Trevors. Police are more likely to pull you over simply over the stereotype that you could be street racing. “I frequently see groups of sports cars get pulled over on suspicion of street racing whether or not they actually were,” Trevors adds.


Increased Risk of Speeding (and Tickets)

Increased speed capabilities may make drivers more likely to break the speed limit and incur fines or other penalties as a result, says Hawkins. Obviously not everyone with a sports car speeds, but the temptation is certainly there.

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You May Attract Unwanted Attention

Besides unwanted attention from the police, you may attract additional attention you didn’t bargain for. “Many luxurious cars aren’t something you see every day, so people may stop to ask questions, give you compliments or even ask to take pictures. That can be overwhelming when just trying to go about your day,” says Ian Lang, Senior Car Advice Editor at Bumper.

Crash of a Porsche
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Driving a Sports Car Can Be Stressful

The entire goal of owning a sports car is to enjoy driving it. However, when you consider driving something worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road, the stress and anxiety can be real. Many sports car experts, including Hawkins, advise that “driving a sports car can be more stressful than driving a regular car due to the additional speed and performance capabilities”.

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There Are Reliability Concerns

“While modern sports cars tend to be reliable, there is still the potential for breakdowns or other issues due to their complex parts and design,” says Hawkins. If you have an older model sports car, the issue is compounded. This could leave you stranded or left in an emergency situation.

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Sports Cars Depreciate Quickly

Sports cars are expensive and most depreciate 48% according to Carvana. Some sports cars retain their value better than others. Either way, if the depreciation cost is worth the joy you’ll have to own one, go for it. Still it's wise to at least consider this factor.

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Winter Driving - Commuter Traffic

You Can’t Drive Them Year-Round In Many Areas

If you live in a cold, snowy climate, you will not want to drive your fancy sports car in harsh weather. Not to mention the damage you could experience from salted roads. “I live in the Midwest which means I can only drive mine for a few months out of the year. It’s nice to drive them during the summer, but I can’t drive them year-round,” says sports car owner, Zach Larson.

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Everyone Will Want to Borrow Your Car

Drury also warns sports car enthusiasts that your friends will almost certainly want to drive your car. There can be a lot of anxiety with handing over the keys. Even letting a valet drive your car to park it might seem like a risk.